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IETF 20 March 2019

Join a Local IETF Viewing Hub in Africa

By Betel HailuManager, Organization Members Engagement

The Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) is the premier Internet standards body, developing open standards through processes to make the Internet work better. It gathers a large, international community of network designers, operators, vendors, and researchers concerned with the evolution of the Internet architecture and the smooth operation of the Internet. Core Internet technologies such as DNS, routing and traffic encryption use protocols standardized at IETF.

The IETF holds three meetings yearly which are livestreamed and can be followed individually, or with others sharing similar interest at a common venue. The next IETF meeting will be held from 25-29 March 2019 in Prague. The usual audience for an IETF meeting is network engineers, system engineers, developers, and university students or lecturers in information technology fields.

The Internet Society Africa Regional Bureau is running an initiative to encourage remote participation in IETF meetings that aims to promote the work of the IETF. IETF Remote Hubs aim to raise awareness about the IETF and allow those who cannot travel to a meeting to participate in the meeting remotely. The meetings are streamed in English only.

Join one of the following IETF Remote Hubs in your area, raise your awareness about the IETF and engage in the various topics of your interest!

Internet Society Gauteng Chapter
Venue: Tshimologong Precinct Wits Link center
Date: Tuesday 26 March 2019
Topics of discussion:

  • Home Networking (homenet)
  • Using TLS in Applications
  • dns over https (doh)
  • quantum Internet proposed Research group (QIRG)
  • Network Time Protocol
  • Messaging Layer Security
  • Transport Layer Security (tls)
  • Thing-to-Thing

ETHNOG Ethiopia
Venue: HiLCHO
Date: Tuesday 26 March 2019
Topic of discussion: Network Time Protocol

Mozambique Research and education Network – MoRENet
Venue: Ministry of Science and Technology, Higher Education and Vocational Training
Date: Tuesday 26 March 2019
Topics of discussion:

  • Dns over https (doh)
  • Quantum Internet proposed Research group (QIRG)

Internet Society Benin Chapter
Venue: University
Date: Tuesday 26 and Thursday 28 March 2019
Topics of discussion:

  • Using TLS in Applications (26 March morning)
  • Dns over https (doh)  (26 March morning)
  • Messaging Layer Security (28 March morning)

Coded Club Ghana
Venue: University of Professional Studies, Accra
Date: Thursday 28 March 2019
Topics of discussion:

  • GitHub Integration and Tooling  (morning)
  • Human Rights Protocol Considerations (Afternoon)

ISOC Mali Chapter
Venue: AGETIC, ACI 2000 Hamdalaye
Date: Tuesday 26 2019
Topics of discussion:

  • Home Networking  (homenet)- Morning
  • Dns over https (doh)- Morning
  • Thing-to-Thing- Afternoon

ISOC Botswana
Venue: University of Botswana
Date: Tuesday 26 March 2019
Topic of discussion: Thing-to-Thing- Afternoon

ISOC Ghana Chapter
Venue: Ghana-Korea Information Access Center, University of Ghana Legon
Date: Tuesday 26 March 2019
Topics of discussion:

  • Software Updates for Internet of Things (Morning)
  • Crypto Forum (Morning)
  • Automated Certificate Management Environment (Morning)
  • Technology Deep Dive – Modern Router Architecture BOF (Afternoon)

ISOC Namibia
Venue: NBII – 1-4 Gluck Street, Windhoek West
Date: 26- 27 March 2019

Topics of discussion:

  • Home Networking
  • Quantum Internet Proposed Research Group
  • Decentralized Internet Infrastructure
  • Crypto Forum 

Youth4Internet Cote Ivoire
Venue: Bingerville
Date: Monday 25- Friday 29 2019
Topics of discussion:

  • Transport Layer Security (tls)- (25 morning)
  • Network Time Protocol – (25 afternoon)
  • Transport Layer Security (tls)- (25 afternoon)
  • Quic- (27 morning)
  • Hypertext Transfer Protocol (httpbis)- 28 afternoon)
  • Global Access to the Internet for All- (29 morning)
  • IP wireless Access in Vehicular environment- (29 morning)

CyberStorm – Mauritius
Venue: Pointe aux Piments, Villa MU
Dates: 21- 29 March 2019
Topics of discussion:

  • Hackathon
  • TLS, 6man
  • HRPC
  • UTA

This page will be updated with info on the hubs and the contact persons at each of the hubs:

Disclaimer: Viewpoints expressed in this post are those of the author and may or may not reflect official Internet Society positions.

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