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25th Anniversary 7 September 2017

25 Under 25: Using the Internet to Make a Difference in Communities

By Toral Cowieson Senior Director, Internet Leadership

On September 18th in Los Angeles, California, the Internet Society will celebrate a selected group of exceptional young people under the age of 25 who are using the Internet to make a difference in peoples’ lives.

I had the privilege of reading hundreds of submissions and nominations, many of which left me feeling humbled and inspired. The incredible impact these individuals have already had in such a short time is a model for youth around the world and for those of us who already have some years of experience!

Their efforts include creating an anti-cyberbullying youth movement in Australia, providing health education to teens in Tanzania, reducing the gender technology gap in Gambia, and using ICTs to break the cycle of poverty for families in Costa Rica. You can read more about the awardees and honourable mention recipients and their extraordinary work here.

Although the awardees’ stories are as individual as they are compelling, they do share a common theme: an unwavering commitment to solving an identified problem and a passion for using the Internet to shape tomorrow in their communities.

This is the same theme that motivated young innovators, pioneers, and connectors in their twenties and thirties to imagine the Internet more than 40 years ago. As we celebrate our 25 Under 25 awardees, the newest generation using this technology to make a positive difference for others, we also honour those who made today’s Internet possible.

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WATCH LIVE: the "25 under 25" Award Ceremony, Monday, 18 September, at 9:00am PDT
25th Anniversary18 September 2017

WATCH LIVE: the “25 under 25” Award Ceremony, Monday, 18 September, at 9:00am PDT

Want to learn more about our "25 Under 25" award recipients?  How are they using the Internet to change the communities...

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