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Community 26 April 2016

Vantha’s Story: Children’s Future’s Technology Programme

By Melissa TheesenGuest AuthorChildren's Future

Vantha* is one of Children’s Future’s brightest students in the technology program. As a grade 5 student is attending both public school and classes at the Learning Center, he started his first computer class (Computer 101B) at the Learning Center last semester. Now, as a student in Computer 102B, he is proving to be one of the most motivated, confident, and intelligent students in his class. He is not afraid to make mistakes on his way to learning as much as possible about technology. When he doesn’t know how to do something, he does not hesitate to ask the teacher questions or to work on the problem until he figures it out himself. He learns very quickly by paying close attention in class and spending a lot of time on his own practicing his new computer skills.

He has also proven to be a great resource for the other students in his class, helping them study during and after lessons and explaining the material to them. He sets a great example for his peers of how to be both an effective leader and an effective member of a team.

During class time, teachers often give students a break to play games on the computer. While his peers play Solitaire and Memory, Vantha plays educational games that will help him think critically and apply the knowledge he has gained in class.

Because Vantha also attends public school, he sometimes finds it difficult to maintain his attendance at the Learning Center. Fortunately, his excellent teachers always review the previous lesson before covering new material, so Vantha can quickly catch up to anything he missed.

This is helpful for his peers as well; since many of them do not have the time to study at home—and none have computers at home on which to practice—the daily review helps them remember what they learned in the previous lesson.

Vantha is very excited to have the opportunity to learn how to use computers. He looks forward to working his way up to the more advanced classes next year!

*Student’s name changed in accordance with Children’s Future’s Child Protection Policy Students practice their computer skills in the Learning Center computer lab Students play games to take a break from their studies

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