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IETF 19 March 2015

Rough Guide to IETF 92: All About IPv6

IPv6 deployment growth continues throughout the world and the standardization work in the IETF reflects this growth and operational experience. At IETF 92 in Dallas next week, there will be work on IPv6 operations and ongoing maintenance of the IPv6 protocol.

First, though, let point you to some of the measurements and growth happening across the globe. APNIC, Akamai, and Google publish ongoing IPv6 deployment statistics showing growth in both individual networks and in countries all around the globe. We publish monthly reports of IPv6 deployment in specific networks using statistics provided by Google, Facebook, Yahoo!, Akamai, and LinkedIn via the World IPv6 Launch measurements page. Eric Vynke compiles per-country statistics from APNIC, Akamai, and Google, and graphs them. Here is the link for the US as an example. IPv6 continues to grow and operators continue to gain experience in deployment and operation of IPv6 in their networks.

In Dallas next week, the Homenet working group is doing a lot of interesting work producing open standards for protocols to implement robust networks in homes of the future, all based on IPv6. The topics include routing, addressing, naming, and security. It’s exciting to see new standards work for such a potentially huge area for extending the reach of open standards in networks that matter to people around the world.

The Internet of Things has gained a tremendous amount of attention in the media of late, but it’s not taking the IETF community by surprise. There has already been a tremendous amount of work done on using IPv6 in networks like this. There are a number of RFCs that have already been published (7388, 7400, 7428 for example). The IPv6 over Networks of Resource Constrained Nodes WG continues to have a busy agenda of work items on enabling IPv6 for just such networks.

This is just a sample of the IPv6 work that continues at the IETF. IPv6 is rapidly becoming such an integral part of the Internet that the agenda of every working group takes it into account as part of what is being developed.

At the Internet Society, we continue to promote IPv6 deployment. You can check out the World IPv6 Launch measurements for our latest measurements of IPv6 around the globe:

Also you can check out the Deploy360 online resources for getting started with IPv6 deployment:

And you can see more about other topics of interest to the technology programs of the Internet Society in the rest of our Rough Guide to IETF 92 posts.

Some IPv6 Working Groups at IETF 92:

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