Andrew McConachie

Andrew McConachie

Former Intern

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Andrew McConachie was an intern in 2014 who wrote content for our Deploy360 Programme related to IPv6, DNSSEC, TLS, and routing security.

Latest posts

Deploy360 24 July 2014

Anti-Spoofing, BCP 38, and the Tragedy of the Commons

In the seminal 1968 paper “The Tragedy of the Commons” , Garrett Hardin introduced the world to an idea...

Deploy360 11 July 2014

Video: BGP Blackholing Project (RIPE 68)

How can network operators cooperate to prevent abuse? How do we educate network operators to ensure they’re connecting their...

Deploy360 30 June 2014

IPv6 for the End User

So much IPv6 talk is centered around operators and their configurations. With this post we’re going to focus on...

Deploy360 20 June 2014

Video: RPKI For Provider Independant Resources (RIPE 68)

How can provider independent(PI) address space be validated with the Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI)? How can we get...

Deploy360 19 June 2014

Video: Google DNS Hijacking in Turkey (RIPE 68)

Between March 29 and April 7 of 2014, the Turkish government announced a /32 BGP route for Google’s public...

Deploy360 2 June 2014

Video: IPv6 Troubleshooting for Helpdesks by Jan Zorz (RIPE 68)

What can we do to help operators prepare their helpdesk staff to troubleshoot IPv6? In this lightning talk from...