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Chris Grundemann

Chris Grundemann

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Chris Grundemann is a passionate Internet Technologist and a strong believer in the Internet’s power to aid in the betterment of humankind. In his current role as Principal Architect, Routing & Switching at Myriad Supply he is expressing that passion by helping clients build bigger, faster, more efficient networks that are easier to operate and scale. If you need help with your network, whether it’s an upgrade, merger, migration, a greenfield build out, or anything in between – give him a shout!
Chris has over a decade of experience as both a network engineer and architect designing, building, and operating large IP, Ethernet, and Wireless Ethernet networks. He most recently spent a year with Markley Cloud Services designing and launching a nationwide Infrastructure-as-a-Service network. Prior to joining Markley, Chris was the Director of Deployment and Operationalization (DO) at the Internet Society where he was focused on helping network operators around the globe build the relationships and get the information they need to ensure that the Internet is truly for everyone. At ISOC he worked to get key Internet technologies, such as IPv6 and DNSSEC, deployed around the globe, to increase the global network engineering community’s participation in the IETF, and to help bootstrap Best Current Operational Practices (BCOP) efforts on five continents. Immediately prior, Chris was focused on technical leadership, innovation, and contributions to standards & specifications as CableLabs‘ Lead Architect of Advanced Network Technologies. While there Chris successfully led their IPv6 deployment coordination efforts to conclusion, co-created and led development of the HIPnet™ home router architecture (which facilitates self-configuring multi-router home networks) from initial ideation through prototype demonstration, and won the coveted CableLabs ‘Inventor of the Year’ award for 2012 (he currently has 8 patents with 3 more pending). Before that, Chris was responsible for setting forward looking architectures and leading technology development efforts at tw telecom inc. Chris has also worked as a Network Engineer for Virtela Communications and as the Manager of Network Systems and Operations at WavMax Broadband/Hometown Access.
In addition to his professional career, Chris has remained consistently engaged in the broader Internet community as well. He is currently serving as President of IX-Denver, and Program Committee (PC) member for AfPIF. He has previously held leadership or advisory positions with CO ISOC, ARIN, NANOG, RMv6TF, CEA, UPnP, DLNA, and several others.
Chris has written two books: Day One: Exploring IPv6 and Day One: Advanced IPv6 Configuration; as well as an IETF RFC, various industry papers, a CircleID blog, a personal weblog, and several other publications. He is often sought out to present at conferences, trade shows, and NOGs around the world. 
Chris’ specialties include network design, protocol design, consensus building, technology evangelism, research and development (R&D), leading collaborative groups, communicating abstract ideas to diverse audiences and generally getting stuff done! 
Chris is currently based in Brooklyn, NY and can be reached via Twitter or Google+.

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Chris Grundemann

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