Internet Threats

It is easy to blame the Internet for social problems. And yet, some long predate the Internet and are only more visible because it enables people to communicate easily. But governments and corporations are making decisions that threaten it. We stand up against this trend. 

We all want solutions that promote safer experiences online. But, too often, governments try to ‘fix’ these problems in ways that erode people’s access to the Internet. If we don’t help them understand how to find solutions that protect the Internet, we may soon not have one to protect at all.

The Internet needs an advocate. We are uniquely positioned to mobilize members, partners, and other supporters to raise our voices to protect the Internet.

We need everyone to defend the Internet.

The Internet is for everyone. It is the people’s medium. We must stop bad policies and help governments make decisions that safeguard the Internet we know and love. The Internet is ours, let’s keep it that way.

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Defending the Internet 

To defend the Internet, we will focus on:

  • Sustaining our advocacy and education efforts in countries where we see important and influential threats emerging.
  • Collaborating with the Internet Society members, chapters, and advocates across all regions to predict, flag, and advocate to stop emerging threats.
  • Strengthening and growing our base of like-minded advocates to amplify our message to stop fragmentation.

Get Involved 

Understand Internet Fragmentation

Internet fragmentation affects all of us. Learn the different ways it’s breaking the Internet.

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Learn about What the Internet Needs to Exist and Thrive

Use a practical tool that helps assess whether a policy or decision could impact the Internet.

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Flag a Threat

See a policy or decision that could impact the open, global Internet? Let us know.

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Support Us

Your donation will help us continue our work to defend the Internet.