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Online Safety Special Interest Group

We believe in making the Internet safer.

We educate and equip people and organizations on how to use the Internet to its fullest potential in the safest way possible.

Our main areas of focus are:

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Conducting surveys, studies, and more.

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Through on-site and online activities, we help you recognize threats and protect yourself.

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Professional Growth

Become a speaker, share your experience, and engage in global projects that promote ways to stay safe online for all!

Meet the Leadership Team

  • Lead Facilitator:  GODSWAY KUBI
  • Vice Facilitator: Abdullah Qamar
  • Secretary: Charles Owiti
  • Board Members: Muhammad Umair Ali, Raymond Mamattah, Brian Malika

Get Involved

Willing to make the Internet a safer place for your loved ones? Put on your superhero cape and join the Online Safety SIG.

Interested, but not an Internet Society member yet? Join today!

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