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Internet for Education Special Interest Group

We envision a world where the Internet ensures inclusive, equitable education and promotes lifelong learning for all.

We foster an inclusive, blended approach to learning.

The way forward for education today is a hybrid approach to teaching and learning. Policymakers and educators must create curricula, teaching methods, and assessments compatible with both physical and e-learning platforms to ensure equal access to education for all.

Our activities include:

Two Girls Using Laptop with Classmates

Technology comes with opportunities as well as risks. We instill cyber hygiene practices across education ecosystems.

Teacher and Students Inside a Classroom

Digital infrastructure alone is insufficient for a resilient learning system. We need trained system users and implementers to bring meaningful learning experiences to students. Inaugurating a citizen school will be a milestone for us.

A laptop on the table with inscription Never stop learning

The pandemic interrupted student learning patterns, and work needs to be done to catch students up. It also highlighted that education systems need an adequate means of evaluating learning outcomes during school closures. We support policy reforms for equitable blended learning and assessment.

A picture of four people from the back who are hugging and looking at the sunset

We conduct stakeholder engagement activities to bridge the digital divide in education through community engagement.

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We formulate standards and guidelines for governments and other related stakeholders to adapt to the shift in evolving learning practices more effectively.

Meet the Leadership Team

  • Lead Facilitator:  Shadrach Ankrah
  • Vice Facilitator:  Jenelle Ross-McIntyre
  • Secretary: Comfort Daniel
  • Board Members:  Rebecca Florence Nanono, Eugene Chan, Sameera Wijerathna

Get Involved

If you’re a member of the Internet Society, join us in building an open, global, secure, and trustworthy Internet for education. Please share your experiences in digital education and work with our community to improve the field.

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