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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Special Interest Group

Harnessing the Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

As passionate and experienced teachers, our group educates people in artificial intelligence applications in

  • Education Systems
  • Robotics
  • Software
  • Businesses
  • Research and Development
  • Machine Language
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Technologies, and
  • Healthcare

Our goal is to inform people around the world about how this technology improves our lives.

Our activities include:

Three people sitting at a table with laptops engaged in discussion

Webinars, research initiatives, roundtable discussions, and hackathons. These activities foster collaboration, encourage professional development, and stimulate discussions on AI readiness, safety, innovation, and socioeconomic impact.

A woman standing in front of a large screen projected with water.
Data Analysis

We will seek data from colleges, training centers, and universities. This data will cover the advantages of AI for teaching and learning online.

A man and woman collaborating on a project

We will prepare a training program for the general audience concerning the access and usage of AI tutoring systems and Internet access.

Meet the Leadership Team

  • Lead Facilitator:  Adeel Nayyar
  • Vice Facilitator: Tirivashe Mafuhure
  • Secretary:  Edmar Gurjão
  • Board Members:  Maricel Villalino-Calhoun, Getahun Wassie

Get Involved 

Are you an Internet Society member interested in AI solutions? Do you want to develop skills to harness the best AI usages and practices? Join us and join the discussion.

Interested, but not an Internet Society member yet? Join today!

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