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Affordable Internet Access Special Interest Group

Finding Solutions for Affordable Internet Access

We find affordable Internet access (AIA) solutions for the world’s unconnected and economically vulnerable populations. 

It’s our vision that humans of all gender and race—as part of a sustainably developed world, regardless of their income, location, population density, or projected telecommunication revenue—shall be able to access the Internet to freely communicate, share ideas, and conduct business without the worry of how, with what, or for how long.

Our activities include: 

Apple Watch Series 5

Research suitable design and affordable supply of SMART phone devices with only basic features to support Internet browsing and social media.

People putting up a tower for Internet access

Design a community network model that establishes wi-fi as a service and facilitates affordable Internet access in rural and unconnected areas.

White Switch Hub Turned on

Develop and supply public computer terminal(s) whose access to the Internet is regulator-subsidized via wi-fi or cellular broadband, with the support of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU)’s Universal Access Fund and Internet Society funding for infrastructure and human resource recruitment and training.

Raise awareness of the significance of affordable Internet access issues through an interactive seminar series, including Broadband index, Internet freedoms, Internet as an enabler of business and national development, and Internet policy and governance.

Meet the Leadership Team

  • Lead Facilitator:  Yese Chezali Nyakunga
  • Vice Facilitator: Abdu Jumanne Sule
  • Secretary:  Lucy Saylo
  • Board Members:  Mariamu Marseille, Elvira Selevesta Matamwa, Michael Antidus

Get Involved 

2.7 billion people across the world remain unconnected. Join us as we close the affordability gap for Internet devices and services.

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