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Security 25 January 2018

Best Practices: Cyber Incident Response Readiness

  • Complete risk assessments for executive review, operational process and third-party vendors
  • Review security best practices and validate your organization’s adoption or reasoning for not adopting
  • Audit your data and review your data stewardship practices including data lifecycle management
  • Complete a review of insurance needs including exclusions and pre-approval of coverage for any third-party services (such as cyber forensics, remediation provider, PR firm, etc.)
  • Establish and regularly test an end-to-end incident response plan including empowering 24/7 first-responders
  • Establish/confirm relationships with data protection authorities, law enforcement and incident service providers
  • Review and establish forensic capabilities, procedures and resources (internal and third-party providers)
  • Develop communication strategies and tactics tailored by audience (e.g., messages to employees vs messaging to media vs notifications to customers)
  • Review remediation programs, alternatives and service providers
  • Implement ongoing employee training for incident response
  • Establish employee data security awareness and ongoing education on privacy, incident avoidance (password practices, how to recognize social engineering, etc.) and incident response
  • Understand regulatory requirements, including relevant international requirements
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