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Industry Leaders Embrace 2014 Honor Roll

Industry Leaders Embrace Data Stewardship 
& Named to 2014 Online Trust Honor Roll

Internet Retailer Top 10

Industry Leadership

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Quotes from Top Internet Retailers

“Data security and respecting consumer privacy are guiding principles for American Greetings, said Joseph Yanoska, executive director, interactive operations. “Trust is the foundation of our businesses and we are honored to be ranked number one among all ecommerce sites worldwide.  We share OTA vision’s on the importance of collaboration, consumer choice, stewardship and self-regulation.”

“Twitter is honored to again receive the top overall award for the highest score on the OTA Honor Roll. It has become increasingly clear over the past year that companies need to be even more vigilant in applying security and encryption technologies like always-on-SSL, forward secrecy, and DMARC in order to protect their users, and we’re glad to partner with organizations like the OTA to raise the security and privacy bar,” said Bob Lord, Director of Information Security at Twitter.

“With the proliferation of mobile devices, Internet access is ubiquitous and trust in the digital marketplace has become increasingly harder to obtain. Consequently, being named in the Online Trust Alliance’s Top 10 Honor Roll for the second year in a row is a real honor for Big Fish, as trust is something that is earned, not bought,” said Paul Thelen, Founder and CEO of Big Fish. “Security and privacy of our customers’ data is a cornerstone of Big Fish. It is considered heavily with every business decision we make. We are proud that this has shown through, and are incredibly honored to be recognized by the Online Trust Alliance, which continues to raise the bar for online best practices and holds all digital retailers accountable to high online security standards.”

“For the second year in a row, Books-A-Million is very proud to be in the top 10 Online Trust Alliance Honor roll,” said Cy Fenton, Books-A-Million’s CIO & President of “Our customers are our lifeblood, and with over 250 brick-and-mortar stores — as well as a robust online store – preserving their trust is critically important. We sincerely endorse the work of the OTA, and are committed to support their efforts.  We share and embrace their approach to trust, privacy, and security; we know that it gives our customers increased confidence in our brands, both online and in our stores.”

“At Netflix, consumer privacy and security are critical to the trust of our 48 million members.  As a recipient of the Online Trust Honor Roll for the past three years we recognize the importance of our role as stewards of consumer data.  We applaud the Online Trust Alliance’s efforts in advancing these best practices to enhance online trust.” – Sharon Williamson, Senior Counsel Privacy and Security, Netflix.

“Newegg is very proud to be one of the top ten out of 500 companies featured in the 2014 Online Trust Alliance’s Online Trust Honor Roll. As one of the leading online shopping destinations in North America, protecting the privacy and security of our customers and business partners is of critical importance to us. Our dedication to data protection gives great peace-of-mind to those doing business with us, and is one of the core pillars that makes Newegg one of the most trusted online marketplaces.” – Soren Mills, CMO of Newegg North America

Industry Leaders

“The digital marketing eco-system has provided a tremendous opportunity to proactively manage consumer relationships. As a result, privacy management has become a core foundation for our business,” said David Fowler, Chief Privacy & Deliverability Officer of Act-On Software. “The Honor Role recognition from OTA is validation of our commitment to our clients’ privacy and Act-On’s industry leadership.”

“Both Agari and OTA are working to enhance online trust and protect company and brand reputation, and we are honored to be included on the Online Trust Honor Roll again this year,” said Patrick Peterson, Founder and CEO of Agari. “As online threats continue to evolve, Agari strives to deliver breakthrough solutions to help our clients detect threats and prevent email cyberattacks. We’re protecting brands and their customers by using innovative technology to restore trust in the email channel.” is proud to be on the OTA Honor Roll since our inception last year.  We are committed to providing safe and secure bounce email experiences for our users.  We appreciate the OTA’s support and applaud it as a driving force in security and data protection standards. – Tom Bartel, Co-Founder and COO,

“Strong privacy practices are at the core of all of comScore’s operations, and we routinely engage with the broader privacy and legal communities to discuss and implement new best practices,” stated Chris Lin, Chief Privacy Officer, comScore. “We are pleased to be named to this year’s OTA Honor Roll, and look forward to continuing conversations with OTA and other leading organizations about data privacy and consumer protection.”

“Today’s era of big data and cloud services brings with it new, exciting opportunities as well as security and privacy challenges,” said DigiCert CEO Nicholas Hales. “To truly benefit from these services, users need to be able to rely on trustworthy implementation of authenticated online identities and robust encryption services. As a security community, we must continually raise the standards necessary to confront an ever-changing threat landscape, and educate about best practices that can help those responsible for security most effectively deploy the valuable tools at their disposal.”

“Distil Networks is extremely proud to be selected as a member on the Online Trust Alliance Honor Roll. It demonstrates a commitment to the protection and security of our customers as well as our mission of making the web more secure. We appreciate the OTA providing consumers with industry-leading best practices in security, data protection, and privacy,” Rami Essaid, CEO Distil Networks

“We are honored to be a part of the OTA Honor Roll for the third year in a row. As the global leader in omni-channel data and tag management, Ensighten has always been committed to data stewardship and protecting online privacy.  The proliferation of digital touchpoints has made the importance of online privacy even more relevant for consumers and enterprises worldwide.  We are proud to help our customers and partners uphold their consumers’ trust by ensuring compliance with US and international online privacy laws, as well as with enterprises’ own privacy policies.  It’s great to see our efforts being recognized by the OTA,” said Josh Manion, CEO and Founder Ensighten,

“We at Epsilon believe consumers should have transparency and choice and that companies have an obligation to use data responsibly,” said Chris Ray, Chief Information Security Officer at Epsilon. “We will continue to invest time and resources into ensuring that we protect the integrity of the marketing industry and we enhance consumer trust. The issue of privacy has been at the forefront;  thanks to the Online Trust Alliance for their commitment to online trust through collaboration, education and partnering with the business community to promote data security stewardship.”

“With the surge in mobile applications and the Internet of Things (IoT) comes a staggering increase in the number of devices, machines, people and applications that communicate sensitive data on a daily basis – a trend that makes the OTA’s mission even more vital,” said Joan Lockhart, CMO, GlobalSign, a leading global Certificate Authority (CA) and a provider of identity and security services.   “We are honored to be recognized by the OTA, and heartily endorse its work in advancing online trust and privacy. As industry leaders, we must turn our marketing mantras into actions that show the rest of the community how to employ best practices that stand up to the evolving threat landscape.”

In our experience, our clients, their customers and our internal stakeholders throughout the corporate enterprise find extreme value in our commitment to providing a safe and secure online experience,” said Mike Ferguson, Vice President and General Manager from Harland Clarke Digital.  The OTA Online Trust Honor Roll is a positive example of promoting best practices and self-regulation while most importantly enhancing online trust.

OTA is doing a great job by promoting the culture of privacy, data protection and information security among individuals, multinational companies and governments. The role of OTA in modern society is extremely important, especially today when news about new cyber security incidents dominate media headlines. At High-Tech Bridge we are honored to be in the OTA Honor Roll for the third consecutive year. We are also happy that ImmuniWeb®, our on-demand web security assessment SaaS, was leveraged by OTA to perform various web security testing for the Honor Roll,”  Ilia Kolochenko, CEO & President, High-Tech Bridge SA.

“IID is pleased to be named again to the OTA Honor Roll, as the audit serves as the defining test for how businesses should secure their Internet presence and ensure the privacy of their customers,” said IID President and CTO Rod Rasmussen. “Adoption of OTA’s best practices shouldn’t just be a nice to have, they should be a got to have to conduct business online. We look forward to collaborating with OTA and some of the world’s most recognizable organizations to make this happen.”

“Innovyx’s strategic approach to creating, executing and managing our clients’ entire email and digital messaging life  — including SMS and all manner of social media — are key to our on-going success,” said Derek Harding, Innovyx CEO and co-founder. “As a member of the Online Trust Alliance, we are proud that again in 2014 we’ve been named to their Honor Roll for excellence in privacy, security and consumer protection.”

OTA’s Honor Roll advocates for the adoption of security & privacy best practices, that are effective and timely. These best practices protect the tenuous trust consumers have in the ecommerce ecosystem.  As a recipient of the award for the past three years, Intersections Inc. and Identity Guard remain committed to the goals of this program,” said Tim Rohrbaugh, VP Information Systems, Intersections Inc.

“The Online Trust Alliance’s Honor Roll has become an integral part of Listrak’s privacy program.  As privacy and security issues continue to plague the daily news, the importance of data stewardship and privacy by design are at the forefront of what we do.  We’re grateful to be an Honor Roll recipient again this year and it really supports the efforts of our teams, ” James Koons, Chief Privacy Officer, Listrak.

“We are honored to be recognized by the Online Trust Alliance for the fourth year. With the evolving threat landscape, it is critical to take a holistic approach to brand protection in order to combat loss of revenue and consumer trust,” said Frederick Felman, Chief Marketing Officer, MarkMonitor.  “Companies that are proactive in safeguarding their brand equity see the benefits in customer loyalty and on the bottom line.”

“We take customer privacy and data security very seriously, so we are delighted to have once again been selected for the OTA Honor Roll. The Message Systems digital messaging platform is a key piece of security infrastructure within many of the world’s most popular Internet brands, financial services firms and telecommunications companies.  Working with the OTA to spread adoption of DMARC and data security best practices is an important priority for Message Systems, and we look forward to carrying out that mission with our customers and partners through 2014 and in the years ahead,”  said Ralph Lentz, Chief Revenue Officer, Message Systems.

“We are proud to be part of such a valued organization. OTA’s mission to promote online trust and safety is critical for consumers, government agencies and business alike.  As customers demand more privacy and transparencies the industry needs to respond in kind.  OTA has and continues to drive meaningful impactful across the industry.  We believe the work we do through OTA is highly leveraged in driving awareness of industry issues and best practices.  We are honored to be recognized for the 4rd year in a row as a Trust Honor Roll recipient,” said John Scarrow, General Manager – Safety Services, Microsoft Corporation.

“OPTIZMO is honored to be recognized by the Online Trust Alliance as recipient of the 2014 Honor Roll,” said Khris Thayer, CEO & Co-Founder. “Our reputation of commitment to security and privacy requires OPTIZMO to continually improve our services in a way that fosters trust, protection, and ultimately…growth for our clients and partners.  Our team recognizes the importance of online trust, consumer protection, and brand integrity as a core business philosophy in sustaining safe, ethical communication and commerce in email.  Meeting and exceeding standards set by the OTA further enhances our position of thought leadership in our industry and our ongoing commitment to always implement best practices.”

Publishers Clearing House is proud to be included in the 2014 OTA Honor Roll. Maintaining consumer trust is critical to our continued success.   As a major online brand we understand the role and responsibility we have to our members as well as the online marketing place. We would like to thank OTA for their leadership in this area.  Each year OTA raises the bar for inclusion in the Honor Roll. Their commitment to providing prescriptive and actionable advice to members has shown not only to they talk the talk, but they are willing to walk the walk with each of their members. We are proud to be part of OTA and even more proud to be the recipient of the 2014 Honor Roll. Sal Tripi – AVP Digital Operations and Compliance, Publishers Clearing House.

“Silverpop is honored to be named to OTA’s Online Trust Honor Roll. Being recognized as a leader in the adoption of security and privacy best practices is incredibly important to us,” said Bill Nussey, CEO of Silverpop, an IBM Company. “Our customers trust us to help them deliver incredibly relevant and individualized interactions with their customers and we take that trust very seriously.  We look forward to continuing to work with the OTA and continuing to be a positive example for our industry.”

“With our company’s foundation in website security, we recognize the importance of building trust for every online business and their visitors,” says Neill Feather, President of SiteLock. “We are proud to be recognized for the second consecutive year as a company that leads the industry in promoting online security standards. We are dedicated to keeping the online experience safe, protecting visitor data, and promoting online trust, security and privacy. We are delighted and grateful to be named to the OTA Online Trust Honor Roll.”

“Symantec is committed to making the Internet safe for everyone. We are proud to be recognized by the Online Trust Alliance for raising security and privacy standards that protect us and our information,” said Brian Dye, SVP, Information Security Group, Symantec.

“TRUSTe is committed to helping businesses move from compliance to stewardship, taking a holistic view of privacy, to protect consumers and provide enhanced transparency of data protection and privacy practices,” said Chris Babel, CEO at TRUSTe. “We’re honored by the recognition that the OTA has given us and support their efforts help enhance online trust and empower consumers to protect their personal information online.”

“Quality and brand safety have always been important cornerstones of Audience On Demand® (AOD). We launched this programmatic offering in 2008 with the objective of bringing standards and visibility to the market. We also sought to provide our clients with brand safety and protection from fraudulent practices. It is an honor to be recognized on the OTA Online Trust Honor Roll for the second year in a row, as it reinforces that commitment. There has never been a more important time than now to remain dedicated to this goal, especially given the recent exposure of bot traffic and other fraudulent activities that many of our competitors have pursued for the sake of growing their business. Our VivaKi Verified vetting process and partnerships help us continually deliver the greatest level of quality and viewability for our clients.” Frank Voris, CEO of VivaKi.

“ZEDO strives to make security and privacy of its customers’ data a top priority,” stated Roy De Souza, ZEDO CEO. “We fully support the OTA’s Online Trust Honor Roll and are honored to be recognized for the measures we take around security and responsibility for our customers,” said De Souza. “We feel an enormous responsibility to provide protection and security for our customers.”

“ACT | The App Association is proud to be a 2014 designee of the Online Trust Alliance Honor Roll. Representing the mobile app industry, we understand that our members’ success is only possible by earning the trust of users.  As apps are now the source of breakthrough innovations in healthcare, education, and finance, it has never been more important to protect user data. OTA has provided valuable leadership and guidance on data security and we are honored to be recognized for its 2014 award,” Morgan Reed, Executive Director, ACT.

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