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Building Trust 1 October 2017

2017 Online Trust Audit “Top of Class”

Top 50 Scoring Consumer-Facing Sites

Sector Site Sector


C  Airbnb C, O  Identity Guard
R, O  American Greetings C  Indeed
C  Blogger C  Instagram
C C, O  LifeLock
C  Box C,O  LinkedIn
R  BuildDirect Technologies R  LivingSocial
G  Census Bureau C  Meetup
R  Chewy Inc. I, O  Microsoft Azure
R  Costco I, O  Microsoft
G  Health & Human Services ( N, O  MSN
I  Digital Ocean C, O  OneDrive
C  Dropbox C  Pinterest
R Etsy C, O  Publishers Clearing House
G  Federal Communications Comm. (FCC) C, N  Reddit
G  Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) C  Snapchat
R  Fitbit C  Spotify
C  Foursquare I  Squarespace
R, O  GAP Inc. R  The RealReal
C  Glassdoor C, O  Twitter
C  Google Docs G  U.S. Dept. of Education     
I  Google Gmail G  U.S. Postal Service
N  Google News R  Under Armour
C  Google PLay C  UpWork
I  Google Sites C  YouTube
C  iCloud C  Zynga

Sector Codes: C – Consumer Services, B – Banks, G – Government, I – ISP/Hosters, N – News/Media, O – OTA / Internet Society Member, R – Retailers. As noted brands (sites) can be in multiple segments.

Note the Top 50 reflects the top 50 consumer facing sites and does not include OTA members. Expanding the ranking to all sites in the Audit, the following additional OTA members would be in the top 50: Constant Contact, DigiCert, Distil Networks, Intelius, Kromtech Alliance Corp., MacKeeper, Malwarebytes, Marketo, People Connect, Symantec, ValiMail, Verisign and ZEDO. The addition of OTA members shifts the achievement in the Top 50 by sector would include; OTA members tied with Consumer Services at 40% of the overall 50 sites. Internet Retailers and ISPs/Hosters score at 12% each, and Gov and News/Media at 6%.

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