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2015 Online Trust Audit & Honor Roll – Leadership Quotes

2015 Leading Web Merchants and Consumer Facing Brands – Honor Roll Recipients

“We’re honored to be selected again to the OTA Honor Roll and look forward to continuing this trend. We continue to value security, privacy and trust as the basis on which to build our consumer relationship. We continue to share and promote the OTA directions in these areas,” said Joseph Yanoska, Executive Director, American Greetings Interactive.

“We are proud to being named to the On line Trust Alliance’s 2015 Online Trust Honor Roll is a testimony of our company wide commitment to best practices to help enhance consumer protection, security and privacy.   Our placement in the top 10 of North America’s largest retailers is an encouragement to our teams here at Drs. Foster and Smith who work hard to be stewards of our customers and there information,” said Gordon Magee, Internet Marketing and Media at Drs. Foster and Smith.

“We are honored to be recognized in this year’s Online Trust Audit Honor Roll of Leading Web Merchants. This follows our commitment to the security, privacy and consumer protection of our customers. We believe this data stewardship needs to be integrated into every service and business process. We are proud to be a leader in this area and a trusted multichannel retailer.” – Richard Armour, senior director of multichannel operations at GameStop, Inc.

“Hayneedle’s inclusion in the OTA Online Honor Roll testifies to our commitment in making the online shopping experience for home furnishings and décor safe and secure for our customers. We look forward to our partnership with OTA in preserving our customers’ trust and confidence in shopping with us for everything home,” Ryan Paulson, VP of Technology, Hayneedle.

“Microsoft is proud to be named to the 2015  Online Trust Honor recognizing our leadership in security and privacy enhancing best practices.  Our achievement to this award for the past 6 year represents our commitment to security and privacy by design.  While there is no perfect security or privacy, this award recognizes companies who have taken a holistic view of consumer protection, user empowerment and data stewardship,” said John Scarrow, GM Microsoft Safety Services.

“At Netflix, maintaining the trust of our 62 million global members is paramount.  Critical to our success is our commitment to protecting the privacy and security of consumer personal data.  We applaud the Online Trust Alliance’s efforts in advancing best practices to enhance online trust, and are honored to have been named to the Online Trust Honor Roll for the fourth year in a row,” said Lara Kehoe Hoffman, Global Director, Data Privacy and Security, Netflix.

“Publishers Clearing House is again, for the 4th straight year, proud to have earned a listing on the OTA Honor role. This year, as in prior, Honor Role standards rose. We are proud to have evolved our data stewardship and privacy practices to meet the higher bar.  We believe continued success and growth is based on transparency and trust. We’re honored by the recognition the OTA has given us, and are committed to supporting privacy and data security initiatives to protect our members as well as the online ecosystem,” Sal Tripi, AVP Digital Operations and Compliance, Publishers Clearing House. 

“We live in a time when our personal privacy isn’t so much eroding away as it is landsliding. I believe privacy is a fundamental right, and security is inseparably associated with it. I’m really proud of SparkFun for our strong and transparent stance on defending privacy and data security.  We’re thankful for the work the Online Trust Alliance is doing!”, said Trevor Zylstra, Chief Operating Officer, SparkFun Electronics

“Twitter is honored to receive the the top overall award for the highest score on the OTA Honor Roll. Our consistent top ranking for the past 3 years is a testament to the importance Twitter places on user security and privacy. We look forward to working with the Online Trust Alliance to continue raising awareness on security practices that can be used to protect users across the web.” – Michael Coates, Trust & Information Security Officer, Twitter.

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