About Internet Society 26 April 2024

2030 Strategy

Developed through an inclusive process led by our Board of Trustees, the Strategy reflects the diverse insights and perspectives of our global community, partners, and staff. It signifies and amplifies the following:

  • An evolution of our past efforts to build, promote, and defend the Internet in the face of rising global challenges,
  • Our steadfast commitment to improving the lives of people and communities, and,
  • The essential organizational transformations required to enhance our capabilities and grow our impact. 

Our 2030 Strategy is a call for collective action, leveraging the value of one and the power of all, to ensure the Internet remains a sound infrastructure and transformative resource for years to come.

Global Challenges

There are many challenges affecting people across the world, each as important as the other. In alignment with our mission, the Internet Society is committed to helping address these specific challenges in the next five years.

Global inequality
We believe the Internet is a powerful equalizer, giving people more opportunities to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. We will address global inequality by helping to connect the remaining 2.6 billion people who are not yet connected to the Internet and by ensuring it is open and globally connected.

Lack of trust in the Internet
We believe trust in the Internet is declining. People are concerned about safety and security online, for themselves and others. We will address the lack of trust by educating people to make safer choices and by ensuring the Internet is secure and trustworthy.

Strategic Goals

Our strategic goals are rooted in the global challenges we seek to address over the next five years and prioritize the actions we will take to improve the lives of people everywhere.

  • We will reduce barriers to Internet access and make it a faster and affordable experience.
  • We will empower communities to build and defend the Internet.

  • We will defend the open, interoperable Internet so that people everywhere have equal opportunities to create, innovate, and build communities online. 

  • We will vigorously defend the Internet against decisions that weaken online security.
  • We will advocate for policy, technology, and commercial decisions that put people’s safety, security, and privacy first. 
  • We will empower people to make safe choices to protect themselves online.


We are committed to the following impactful and measurable changes to improve our organizational capacity and effectiveness.

  • Powerful advocacy
  • Cultivation of future Internet leaders
  • Impactful giving
  • Financial health and sustainability
  • Strong ethics and governance framework
  • Recognized global brand
  • A talented workforce committed to innovation and inclusion
  • Inspired and mobilized global community
  • Data-driven decision making
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