Newsletters 21 January 2019

Middle East Newsletter – January 2019 Edition

4th edition

2018 was all about success for Internet Society. We not only achieved milestones but also left our mark across the region. As we enter in a new year and close the books on 2018, we are excited to share our success stories with you from November and December.

Successful round-up of previous events:

Our Lebanon Chapter and Middle East Bureau participated in the first-ever Lebanese Internet Government Forum (IGF). The conference proved its utility as a global discussion platform in terms of bringing all stakeholders around the same issue in a bottom-up and open process. Further, Mohit Sarwasat from the UAE chapter attended the IGF 2018 remotely, reporting on the “NRI session on Cybersecurity.” Read more insights.

Yemen Chapter also organized a workshop for more than 35 people. The three speakers in the seminar discussed with participants different subjects like IG, IoT security, Cybersecurity, and MANRS initiative. We also talked about Internet Society’s global campaigns for 2018.

President and CEO of the Internet Society, Andrew Sullivan and Raul Echeberria took part in speaking at the ITU Regional Conference on ICT for Women in the Arab Region. The conference shed light on the importance of digital skills for women’s empowerment and linked it to employment opportunities by showcasing success stories from the region and was co-organized by the Middle East Bureau.

Further, Internet Society-Middle East Bureau supported the Bread&Net event that focused on the theme titled ‘Technology and Society: What Is the Future We Want?’

The Yemen team also participated in the Arab Regional Dialogue and Experts Meeting held in UN-house in Beirut. Our Vice President Mr. Abdulrahman Abotaleb shed light on cybersecurity and Internet Society’s path in breaking campaigns. As a member of the AMPAC committee, Mr. Abotaleb also attended the AMPAC committee meeting. The agenda behind this meeting was to add ‘IoT security’ as one of the critical topics in the theme of the 5th Arab Internet Governance Forum which is expected to be held next year.

The Arabnet team expressed their gratitude to the Internet Society for its contribution to the success of the 7th edition of Arabnet Riyadh. Our very own Layal Jebran, Regional Community Manager, Middle East was a part of the OMD Panel. The event was double in size and featured two different experiences: Monsha’at Startup Saudi and Arabnet Riyadh.

Andrew Sullivan, CEO and President of the Internet Society in Lebanon

In the occasion of the visit of the new CEO and President of the Internet Society, Mr. Andrew Sullivan to Lebanon, Internet Society conducted a NetNite with him wherein he shared his thoughts on ‘The Future of the Internet and the Impact of Consolidation’ and ‘Buildings Fiber Optics Infrastructure’ respectively.

During Andrew’s visit, the Internet Society also had a successful meeting with the Prime Minister Saad Harari. The candid discuss ion between team and the Minister focused on internet governance and Lebanon’s adoption of new technologies within the internet.

Press Highlights

Andrew Sullivan spoke to leading media titles such as The Daily Star –Lebanon and AME Info. In addition to this, our very own Salam Yamout, Internet Society’s Middle East Regional Director shared her perspective on the announcement made by the ITU stating that nearly 3.9 billion people are now using the Internet, surpassing half of humanity for the first time.

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