No Exam Shutdown

Every year, with millions of students in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) sitting for national secondary and high school exams, governments regularly implement nation-wide Internet shutdowns during examinations to foil students’ attempts at cheating or sharing exam questions. This has become, unfortunately, a real challenge in the region. Culprits of this draconian measure include Sudan, Algeria, Jordan, Iraq, and Syria.

Join us on Wednesday, 10 May at 13:00 UTC for a webinar to learn about strategies and tools to advocate against exam related shutdowns and expose any violations.


  • Afef Abrougui, Lead Researcher, SMEX
  • Asia Abdulkareem, Project Coordinator, INSM
  • Fatima Zohra Feriel Menouar, National Coordinator of Salamat Algeria and Digital Safety Trainer, Digital Arabic Network
  • Hanna Kreitem, Senior Advisor, Internet Technology and Development – MENA, Internet Society 

The webinar is hosted by Access Now, Internet Society, and SMEX. It will be held in Arabic with English simultaneous interpretation.

Date and Time


Wednesday 10 May 2023