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LAC Newsletter – June 2018 Edition

Here is June's summary of What's Happening in LAC:

In order to put people in the center of the Internet, the Internet Society and Consumers International formed a new working society focused on creating a safer and more reliable Internet for all. Consumer trust is essential for the IoT to prosper and therefore it is necessary to guarantee the protection of security and privacy on the Internet as fundamental pillars to build trust.

What We’re Interested In

Internet Society and Consumers International, united to create a fair, open and secure Internet for all

The explosion of connected devices in our daily lives is exposing privacy and security, establish Kathryn Brown and Amanda Long by announcing joint work to improve the IoT ecosystem. Learn more details here:

How can we create a permanent solution for the neutrality of the network and protect the interests of users?

Internet Society convened a round table discussion with experts from the technical community, public interest groups and academics to analyze it. During the event, participants began a debate to define the neutrality of the network, what conduct it should cover, how compliance can be guaranteed and how to balance the interests of consumers and the private sector. Find out some of the conclusions of the meeting here:

NIC.BR and the Internet Society Work Together to Increase Routing Security in Brazil

During ICANN 62 in Panama City and with the participation of Brazil Chapter, the Internet Society and, represented by Raúl Echeberría (ISOC) and Demi Getschko (NIC.BR), they signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work together to increase Routing security and the initiative of MANRS in Brazil.

Internet Society present at the 2018 Latin American Telecommunications Congress in Cuba

Sebastián Bellagamba participated in several plenary sessions in the Congress that took place from June 11 to 14 in Varadero, talking about access and innovation in the Internet, digital divide and Internet governance, always highlighting the importance of putting the person in the center and promote technology as an instrument to improve the lives of other people.

2018 Global Internet Report

The 2017 Global Internet Report Report has been an important tool to work for an open, collaborative and free Internet. During the month of June, the Internet Society conducted a new survey to collaborate on the next report. More information:

Wikipedia Editatones, a way to reduce the gender gap

Women who make history in science, technology or engineering are being forgotten. Therefore, Revista Avianca highlights the work of Wikipedia to increase the number of biographies of women published in the collaborative encyclopedia and give them visibility. The Editatón carried out in the month of April by SIG Women was part of this initiative! We invite you to read the full article here:

Webinar on Net Neutrality for Social and Economic Development without discrimination

One of the events of the month was the webinar on neutrality of the network, by Ignacio Trejos Zelaya, at the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica, organized by the Internet Governance Forum and the Internet Governance Dialogue, which was carried out with great success on June 7.

Everyday Heroes

Manuela González, from Proyecto Atalaya Sur: the challenge of getting the population of rural areas to access the Internet

Developing community connectivity networks in remote areas of Argentina is the work carried out by Proyecto Atalaya Sur and Manuela González is part of that great work team. We invite you to know more about this project:

Young Face

Paula Real Côrtes: working to make the Internet a better and safer place

Paula Real Côrtes was chosen as one of the outstanding young people of the 25 Under 25 program, and is currently working on several projects whose main objective is to reduce the digital divide. Get to know her a little better in this article:

LAC Chapters in Action!

Intelligent Communities Honduras Project: final steps for the installation of the community network!

Thanks to technical specialist in Community Networks and active member of Altermundi, Nicolás Pace, and his visit this month, where he shared knowledge and experiences with the work team, the project is now in its final stage and with its community trained to make the network sustainable. Find out more about this great step:

Training Program for Social Communicators in Internet Themes, by Panama Chapter

What is the Digital Agenda of the State about? What do we talk about when we say that Panama can be a digital hub? How to ensure that digital technology is accessible and safe for all? These are some of the questions that will be addressed by a group of experts who, united in a strategic alliance between the Santa María La Antigua University (USMA) and ISOC Panama, will offer a training program aimed especially at social communicators, students of the last Career degrees and related master’s degree courses. Learn more about this training here:

ISOC Brazil celebrated 6 years of IPv6

On the anniversary of the World IPv6 Launch, ISOC Brazil organized an online debate to remember how the implementation of IPv6 evolved, noting also that this is still a very important issue, and that there is still a lot of work to be done so that the Internet can fully migrate to the Internet. most current version of the Internet Protocol. Congratulations ISOC Brazil!

Shernon Osepa at the Caribbean Peering & Interconnection Forum and in La Plata, Argentina

The CarPIF was held in Belize from June 12 to June 14 and Shernon Osepa participated by talking about the development of the Internet and promoting the Peering Forum on television.
On the other hand, he was also present at the Cybersecurity event in La Plata Argentina, together with Christian O’Flaherty and Oscar Noe Avila.

Costa Rica Chapter raises awareness to combat cyber attacks

The Chapter organized a webinar to work on criminal techniques and how to identify them to protect oneself and to protect the internal networks of organizations against threats and attacks through the DNS.

ISOC-DO was part of the ITUCBS-2018 in Santo Domingo

The Dominican Republic Chapter was present at the Global ICT Capacity Building Symposium, held in Santo Domingo, where different topics were analyzed, such as emerging trends in the ICT sector and skills for the digital economy.

The Paraguay Chapter participated in LACNIC On The Move

The first LACNIC on the Move 2018 was held in Asunción and brought together a large community, which shared information, experiences and best practices on IPv6 deployment, promotion of IXP Internet Exchange Points, IT security issues, as well as the key aspects that are currently being debated in the Global Internet Governance. Mariel Aranda and Héctor Matiauda were part of the IoT panel and digital inclusion.

The Haiti Chapter promotes community networks through an online conference

ISOC Haiti invited the expert Reynold Guerrier as a guest speaker, to talk about how to connect without connection in Haiti through community networks and on possible strategies to connect people who are not connected in vulnerable communities in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Watch this video:

¡ICANN 62 brought the community together in Panama!

As part of the ICANN62 meeting, two meetings organized for the community were held. On the one hand, a lunch on public policies where the impact of national laws on the Global Internet was discussed. And on the other hand, the Panama Chapter invited the welcome cocktail where the members of the community could share and interact with each other.

Upcoming Events

Youth Internet Governance Forum (IGF) – July 2nd, Barbados

The event covers topics such as Internet in education, Science and Technology opportunities. More information:

CITEL – CCP.II from July 16 to 20 in Guadalajara, Mexico

The 31st Meeting of PCC.II seeks to promote regional debate and cooperation on issues related to harmonization in the use of the radio spectrum, taking into account the need to prevent and avoid harmful interference, as well as to consider the electromagnetic environment and its possible effects on the human being. More information about the event here:

CANTO Trade & Exhibitio – from July 22 to 25 in Panama

The 34th Annual Conference, with the theme “Orientation of digital adoption to lead the global market”, will be held in Panama and CANTO will defend the discourse on this topic, deepening the digital transformation. Read more about the event here:

3° YouthLACIGF – July 19 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The third edition of the YouthLACIGF is led by the Youth Observatory and will seek to deepen the debate and involvement of young people in the region, talking about Access, Human Rights, Privacy, Surveillance, and also share the perspective and work carried out in each country . Find out more about the event here:

LACIGF – From July 31 to August 2 in Buenos Aires, Argentina

The 11th Regional Preparatory Meeting for the Internet Governance Forum will be a regional meeting space for multisectoral political dialogue in which actors from governments, the private sector, the technical community, academia and civil society organizations will discuss their perspectives. Find out more about the event here:

FemHackParty LAC for a Feminist Internet – August 1st in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Within the framework of the LACIGF, the Internet Society’s Women’s Special Interest Group (Women SIG), the Association for the Progress of Communications (APC) and the Argentine Chapter are organizing the 1st FemHackParty LAC to be held on August 1st from 7 p.m. at the Tierra Violeta Cultural Center in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We invite you to learn more about this initiative:

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