About Internet Society 11 October 2017

Africa Regional Bureau Brochure

Right now, the Internet is growing faster in Africa than it is anywhere else in the world.

The continent has more new users per capita than anywhere else.

But, the growth of the Internet in Africa brings both opportunities and challenges. While economic growth and education are on the rise, there are still slow connections, un-relatable content, and government-imposed shutdowns.

We’re working with our network of Chapters to support the open and secure development of the African Internet at local, national and continent-wide levels. We’re helping create Internet Exchange Points, or IXPs, that will keep African Internet traffic in Africa, bringing a faster, cheaper Internet. We’re working with content creators to create local content that is both relevant to new Internet users, and helps showcase our cultures to the world. And we’re advocating for governments to end the Internet shutdowns that deprive people of vital information when they need it most.

We’re also working to get African voices on the IETF, the body that creates the Internet’s international standards. Right now, the IETF is working on developing standards for things like privacy and security, real-time communications and the Internet of Things. It’s absolutely vital for Africans to be in the room when these standards are being created, because these are the technologies that will shape the future.

On top of all that, we’re building community networks, promoting the Internet for Education, and training the next generation of African Internet engineers, entrepreneurs and Leaders. We need a community to build a better, secure and affordable Internet for everyone in Africa. Join us or get involved with one of our local chapters to make that happen.

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