IPv6 5 June 2014

Case Study: SMTP over IPv6 at LinkedIn

Popular social networking site LinkedIn has a dual stack IPv4 and IPv6 network. They wanted build on that by deploying email over IPv6 using the Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP). By being early in deploying SMTP for IPv6, LinkedIn hopes to set the tone for how IPv6 and email will play out between operators.


Important in any SMTP deployment is spam prevention. Porting IPv4 spam mitigation techniques to the IPv6 world requires careful planning. Technologies such as Sender Policy Framework(SPF), Domain Keys Identified Message(DKIM) and IP blocking lists sometimes require different thinking in the IPv6 world. Check out their write up and accompanying slide show presented at the 2014 IPv6 World Congress which explains many of the issues and solutions that deploying IPv6 over SMTP raises.

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