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IPv6 25 September 2013

How To Get IPv6 Addresses

If you want to obtain IPv6 addresses for your network the process to do so depends upon the type of network you operate.  If you are a home user or operator of a business network, you will want to start with the local Internet Service Provider (ISP) who provides your access to the Internet.  If they are unable to provide you with IPv6 addresses, you will need to explore one of the various IPv6 transition mechanisms such as IPv6 tunneling.

If you are an Internet Service Provider or a large enterprise network operator and want to obtain large blocks of IPv6 addresses, you will need to contact the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) that services the geographic region in which you are based.  Information can be found at these links:

More information about the IPv6 programs and policies of the Regional Internet Registries may be found at the Numbering Resource Organization (NRO).

Regional Internet Registries
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