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Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) 18 January 2012

How To Sign Your Domain With DNSSEC Using Binero (for .se and .eu)

Binero is a domain registrar and DNS hosting provider located in Sweden who automatically signs all domains hosted on their service. Currently this is limited to .SE and .EU domains, but they have indicated that they plan to expand this service to other TLDs.

There is no additional cost. DNSSEC-signing of a domain is part of the cost of hosting a domain using Binero’s services.

Binero also provides full IPv6 support for domains with both IPv6-enabled name servers and web-based support for adding IPv6 records to domains.

The Internet Society Deploy360 Programme does not recommend or endorse any particular domain registrars. The information provided here is to assist users of this registrar to understand how to sign their domains with DNSSEC and is part of a larger program of gathering this DNSSEC configuration information across all domain registrars known to support DNSSEC. If you know of an additional registrar we should include, please contact us.

Configuring DNSSEC For A Domain At Binero

No configuration is necessary. Once a domain is hosted at Binero, it is automatically signed.

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