Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) 23 October 2012

DNSSEC Training: Men and Mice

Men & Mice has worked with the Internet Systems Consortium (ISC), authors and maintainers of the BIND DNS server, to provide training related to DNSSEC for several years at both conferences and in training centers all over the world. Their latest schedule of courses can be found at:

Men & Mice offers focused classes on DNSSEC and also includes DNSSEC as a component of other DNS-related classes. Men & Mice also provides IPv6 training classes.

The Internet Society Deploy360 Programme does not recommend or endorse any particular commercial providers of training. The information provided here is to assist people in finding training providers and is part of a larger effort to list all known providers of DNSSEC-related training. If you know of an additional training providers we should include, please contact us.

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