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Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) 8 February 2012

DNSSEC-Tools Project

Dnssec tools projectThe goal of the DNSSEC-Tools Project is “to create a set of software tools, patches, applications, wrappers, extensions, and plugins that will help ease the deployment of DNSSEC related technologies.” The project website is at:

There you will find information about the available tools, tutorials, installation information and of course the actual DNSSEC tools available for download in a number of different formats for different operating systems.

The available DNSSEC tools can be broken down into the following categories:

  • Zone Administration Tools
  • Authoritative Domain Name Server Tools
  • Recursive Domain Name Server Tools
  • Application/Script Writers
  • End Users (patches to add DNSSEC support to applications like Firefox, sendmail, jabberd, etc.)
  • DNS Error Checking Tools
  • DNSSEC Management Tools

For a good introduction to these tools view this video from Wes Hardaker on establishing DNSSEC using this toolset.

The DNSSEC-Tools Project is open to public participation and operates a wiki full of documentation a number of public mailing lists, a public bug tracker, and a Subversion/SVN repository.

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