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Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) 31 January 2012

DNSSEC Quick Reference Card

Jan-Piet Mens has created an excellent DNSSEC reference card that is freely available for download and/or printing:

DNSSEC refcard

The document currently contains:

  • Information on signing and serving zones authoritatively
  • DNSSEC configuration information for the BIND, NSD, Unbound, and PowerDNS name servers
  • Tips for using DNSSEC with common tools such as “dig” and “drill”
  • Information about configuring and using TSIG signatures
  • Tables with values for algorithm numbers, digest types and more

It is a very useful quick reference document that Jan-Piet Mens has updated a couple of times since its initial publication and has stated that he is open to updating further based on feedback from others.

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