IPv6 1 February 2012

Daily IPv6 Statistics At Vyncke.org

Eric Vyncke publishes aggregated IPv6 deployment statistics that are updated daily at:


On his site you can see an overall list of adoption on a country-by-country basis, or click on one of the flags, the map or the links to dive into detail on that particular country’s top sites. When you view a a country (for example, Slovenia) he lists the top sites with the IPv6-accessibility of that site’s web presence, email and DNS services. If you keep scrolling on down the page, you will see the IPv6 prefixes assigned to entities within that country and again the current status of each prefix.

We contacted Eric about his methodology and he indicated that the list is updated daily at 10am UTC. He uses the Alexa top-1,000,000 web sites as a base and then splits out the list into different countries based on country-code top level domains and/or specific locations he has assigned to some domains.

All in all it is a rather impressive set of statistics. Eric also provides a list of “the best IPv6 sites” that have IPv6 working across all of their services.

Eric Vyncke's IPv6 statistics

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