Domain Name System Security Extensions (DNSSEC) 21 October 2011

Video: Getting Started with DNSSEC


Do you think DNSSEC sounds difficult? In this 12-minute video, Wes Hardaker from the DNSSEC-Tools project shows just how easy it is to sign your DNS zone files and get started with securing your domain name.

This introductory video is aimed at the administrator with some basic UNIX and BIND experience who wants to deploy DNSSEC for the domains they manage. It will take you through signing your DNS zone files from start to finish, as well as provide basic troubleshooting information. It also introduces the UNIX CLI commands ‘donuts’ and ‘lsdnssec’ and explains their proper usage.

When you’re finished check out some of our other DNSSEC resources or visit our “Start Here” pages to find DNSSEC-related information focused on your type of organization.

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