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Internet Governance Webinars

As a Youth Ambassador, you participate in a webinar series led by global Internet governance experts to deepen your knowledge, present your ideas, and prepare for your chosen event. 

Project Management

You hone your project management and development skills through a course developed by Pyramid Learning. You learn the skills to lead and manage projects through the entire project cycle, helping you deliver projects in scope, on time, and within budget.

Advocacy, Communications, and Digital Diplomacy

The tools and skills in this module allow you to present your position with clarity, conviction, and purpose and grow your mindset, confidence, and ability to engage with various key audiences. You build a roadmap to keep defending the Internet after the program.

Leadership Development

The leadership development guest speaker series exposes you to leadership across the ecosystem and beyond, drawing on individuals and experiences that exemplify multistakeholder approaches and multi-disciplinary thinking. 


In collaboration with the Youth Coalition on Internet Governance and the Internet Society’s Youth Standing Group, a mentor with a proven track record in your area of interest provides you with first-hand experience in your desired field.

Internet Society Courses

You are encouraged to take these Internet Society-provided courses, covering key Internet policy and technology issues: