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IGF Youth Ambassadors 2019

Abigail Antenor

Abigail A. Antenor is a graduate of BS Electronics and Communications Engineering from the University of the Philippines – Diliman. She is an IC Design Engineer in Analog Devices, Inc. She recently joined the Internet Society Asia-Pacific Region as she expresses her desire to help her fellow Filipinos and other nationalities as well to see the importance of access to the Internet. She had her Cisco Certified Network Associate certification last August 2016 where she gained knowledge on TCP/IP OSI Model, IP Planning and Design Networks of IPv4 and IPv6, Cisco Routing Protocols (RIP, OSPF, EIGRP), and Cisco Switching Protocols. From then on, she conveys her enthusiasm in learning the Internet’s technical standards and infrastructure.

Ahmed Medien

Ahmed Medien is a member of the Internet Society’s Chapter in Tunis. He is currently the Special Project Lead in support of electoral integrity and media monitoring during the Tunisian 2019 general elections at Ahmed was also a 2019 fellow to the Middle East and Adjoining Countries School of Internet Governance (MEAC-SIG). He is a long-time member of the advocacy network group Global Voices Online and an advocate of digital freedoms, Internet literacy and access to localised content.

Ahmed worked previously as Senior Data Officer at Deloitte Consulting and as a founding entrepreneur at two leading e-commerce companies in the Middle East and Africa, Melltoo and Jumia.

Ama Chinonso Ota

Ama Chinonso Ota is an ambassador of Digital Grassroots, a civil society organisation co-founded by 2017 Youth@IGF fellows to promote digital literacy amongst youths through online training on digital literacy courses for youths between 14 and 29 years old. She joined Digital Grassroots and Internet Society, Nigeria Chapter in 2018 and co-trained Digital Grassroots cohort four ambassadors in 2019.

Chinonso is passionate about educating and building capacity for open and accessible Internet towards achieving an improved digital economy. She believes in collaboration for a positive change and has this belief captured in one of her favourite quotes “None of us is as smart as all of us.”

Ayça Atabey

Ayça Atabey is a graduate of Robert College, holds a bachelor degree from Durham University, an LLM degree from Bilgi University Information and Technology Law Programme. She is currently working as a full-time specialist research assistant at the Institute of Technology and Law and is a PhD candidate at Edinburgh University in Scotland.

Her research mainly focuses on the challenges regarding personal data collection on mobile operating systems, content management and online child protection, debates concerning the principle of Net Neutrality, safeguarding vulnerable people’s rights and freedoms in the context of the impact behavioral technologies has particularly on vulnerable members of the society as well as issues surrounding data economy, business models in the age of surveillance capitalism. She has particular interest in emerging technologies (cloud computing, AI and machine learning, big data and IoT) and in their intersection with fundamental rights.

Ayça is based in Istanbul, Turkey.

Rachad Sanoussi

Rachad Sanoussi is a laboratory technician at Phoran (Photonics and digital broadcasting) where he devotes himself to teaching and leading the practical work of students in telecommunications engineering. He also builds and supports the school’s network infrastructure using various copper and wireless technologies.

He graduated from the University of Abomey-Calavi with an engineering degree in computer science and telecommunications. He holds a MikroTik Certified Network Associate (MTCNA) qualification. His areas of interest include cognitive networks, TVWS, IoT, cybersecurity, optical and wireless technologies.

As a member of ISOC Benin Chapter, Rachad is actively involved with organizations such as Wikimedia, ISOC, RBER (WACREN), Blolab, TIJ/UNODC Borderless Youth Forum on Justice, Collaboration, and Sustainable Development, and others.

Eileen Cejas

Eileen Cejas is a sole practitioner Criminal Lawyer from the City of Buenos Aires. She is also member of ISOC Argentina and Youth Observatory. Currently she is taking two post degree updating courses on Gender and Law; and Cybercrime and Digital Evidence at the University of Buenos Aires.Eileen was fellow of ARGENSIG 2018 (the Argentine version of the South School in Internet Governance) and Internet Freedom Festival grantee of Diversity Fund 2019, where she hosted a session on Feminist Internet.

In the past she attended other events such as ICANN 53 Buenos Aires, LACIGF 2018 and IGF Argentina 2018. She had also belonged to an UBACYT Project from 2014-2017 where she was part of the research team on the cameras surveillance monitoring system in Argentina and particularly in the city of Buenos Aires, focusing on the importance that citizens would be aware of their personal data captured by the cameras.

El-Hoïma Kedassa BARTHÉLUS

Kedassa BARTHÉLUS is a young Haitian woman of 24 years old. She has a specialization in Environment and Natural Resources, from the Faculty of Agronomy of the State University of Haiti.

This young woman is strongly engaged in community’s leadership and social governance. She is currently the Young Minister of Agriculture, Natural resources at the Haitian Youth Government, which simulates the highest executive functions of the Haitian state through volunteering, advocating inclusion and citizen engagement.

Kedassa is actively involved in the development and empowerment of young people. She volunteers in activities that contribute positively to her community and the world. Kedassa is currently Campus Director of OYA Opportunities in Haiti, which is an online platform that offers opportunities to young people around the world. She also works for institutions that involve in social service and the educative sector through an organization of young leaders called ACTIVEH, (Action Towards Initiatives and volunteering for Education in Haiti). In addition, she is a dedicated volunteer of World Merit Haiti, which is an international organization also represented in Haiti.

Elliott Mann

Elliott Mann is a fourth year Law and Computer Science student at Swinburne University of Technology, Melbourne, Australia, specialising in Commercial and Intellectual Property Law, and Cybersecurity. Elliott has also undertaken International and Indonesian law studies at Universitas Gadjah Mada in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. He has competed in Australian national mooting competitions and was recognised as one of the top five Victorian Law Students in 2019. In addition to his native language, English, Elliott is also fluent in Bahasa Indonesia.

In the field of Internet Governance, Elliott has been continuously involved since his attendance at ICANN64 in Kobe, Japan where he attended as a NextGen fellow and presented on developments in Indonesian Data Protection laws. In 2019, Elliott attended the ICANN and KISA sponsored Asia-Pacific Internet Governance Academy where he was recognised as of of the five ‘Outstanding Achievers’ within the program. Elliott has also had a part in organising the “”Youth in IG for Internet ethics & digital inclusion”” workshop to be held at the Internet Governance Forum 2019 in Berlin, Germany. He will also be speaking at this workshop.

Elnur Karimov

Elnur Karimov is a young lawyer from Baku, Azerbaijan who is very passionate about the impact of the Internet on our lives, especially from the legal perspective. He joined the Internet Society since 2019 as the Youth Ambassador and took the opportunity to delve into the recent issues of Internet governance, in terms of data privacy, and intellectual property rights.

He worked within local projects in Azerbaijan, aimed at the promotion of Internet literacy among the youth, and he contributed to several research activities of the civic organizations, also on the application of Article 8 of European Convention on Human Rights (right to privacy) to the data privacy issues in Azerbaijan. He participated in the Mentorship Programme of the International Bar Association. He attended the pre-sessions of the Universal Periodic Review of the United Nations on Azerbaijan in 2018 and contributed to the advocacy of main issues in Azerbaijan which also included data protection. He is currently more focused on the status quo of intellectual property rights with the introduction of big data and analytical modelling.

Giovanna Michelato

Giovanna Michelato is a lawyer and is currently a Master of Laws candidate at Pontifical Catholic University of Paraná. She has been dedicating herself to around Internet Governance, and her research interest includes privacy and data protection and intellectual property.

She is a member of the Youth SIG (better known as the Youth Observatory) since 2017, where she developed some projects along with their colleagues.

Giovanna was a fellow in the Brazilian Internet Steering Committee ( programs Youth@IGF 2017 and 2018. Also, in 2018, she was invited to be was an Ambassador of the Safer Internet Day.

Héwing Gérald Dorvelus

Héwing Gérald Dorvelus is a business manager and computer scientist. He is a member of the ISOC Haiti chapter and is currently working as a communications and logistics manager at Youth IGF Haiti. He is actively involved in issues related to education and social inclusion, which has allowed him to represent his university at The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE 2018) and become a member of EdTech. Besides, he has been a Fellow at LACNIC 30-LACNOG 2018 and ambassador for Progress and Accelerated Change trough Technology (PACT 2018).

Hewing is passionate about technology, digital literacy, and digital inclusion. He firmly believes that together we can achieve great things through Internet governance, hence his favorite quote: “To go fast go alone, to go far go together”. In his free time, Hewing enjoys reading, listening to music or having conversations with people.

Innocent Adriko

Innocent Adriko is a member of the Internet Society Uganda Chapter which he joined this year due to his passion for Internet Governance and promoting youth inclusion in Internet Governance.

Most recently, Innocent participated as a NextGen at the ICANN65 Policy Forum and the Africa Internet Summit. He coordinated students from various Ugandan universities to participate in the summit.

Innocent is a student of Information Technology at the Uganda Institute of Information and Communications Technology. He is most passionate about International Relations and Diplomacy with great focus on global matters of concern such as Internet Governance, Peace and Security and Climate action.

Jarret Fisher
(United States of America)

Jarret Fisher is a 2019 Internet Society IGF Youth Ambassador from Chicago. She became passionate about Internet governance in 2018 while interning for a United States Senator in Washington D.C. at the height of the battle for net neutrality in the U.S.

Jarret earned a Bachelor’s degree and MBA from DePaul University in Chicago, where she competed on the women’s tennis team. During graduate school, Jarret worked as a Research Assistant in DePaul’s Department of Management & Entrepreneurship.

John Madayese

John Madayese is an experienced Management Consultant at KPMG, Nigeria. He has experiences in a number of projects related to policy development, strategy formulation and business development in both the private and public sectors. He is interested in Business Consulting and Technology, with particular focus on Strategy, Data & Internet Governance, Digital Inclusion, Business Development and Digital Transformation. Apart from these, he is passionate about youth development and increasing youths digital literacy rate in Africa.

Korry Luke
(United States of America)

Korry is a second-year graduate student at Keio University’s Graduate School of Media and Governance in Fujisawa, Japan, after completing his undergraduate studies in the Faculty of Environment and Information Studies. He is heavily involved in the management and operation of his laboratory’s internal research network at Keio University and is always looking for ways to improve the security, stability, and reliability of their network infrastructure and systems.

Leon Lovensky

Lovensky joined the Internet Society in 2019 and integrated the chapter Haiti and IoT SIG, because of his passion for connected objects. it has integrated a little more Internet Society, participating in various courses including that on the establishment of community internet network, then integrates the Community Network GIS and YOUTH SIG. Lovensky also participated in the Grassroot ambassador program.

Lovensky recently founded, with a group of fellow engineers from his university, the ClefCompletude project, aimed at supporting secondary education and initiating ICT skills. He is currently working on the NETOOLS project, a project to improve the communication of technical concepts to non-techies.

Louis Liaw

Louis Liaw Vern Xien is a private lawyer at RamRais & Partners, a legal firm in Kuala Lumpur. His legal practice portfolio includes both civil dispute resolution and criminal defence. However, Louis is particularly passionate about human rights litigation and strategic litigation, as he believes that activism can be done through the Courts and court litigation can be strategically undertaken to lead to positive changes in laws. Louis was involved in several litigation relating to digital rights, amongst them include the prosecution of a well known graphic designer for creating a clown face of Malaysia’s former prime minister.

Maria Fernanda González Davila

Fernanda González is a software developer and an undergraduate Computer Science student at Universidad Francisco Marroquín (UFM).

With a particular interest in cybersecurity and distributed systems, her team won the first blockchain hackathon to be held in Central America with Qi’, a protocol that seeks to integrate rural students to the global economy by giving visibility and cross validation to their life achievements. They are currently working on a social entrepreneurship to help rural areas connect to static Internet through IPFS nodes and help researchers and communities gather data on water quality.

She is fluent in English, Spanish, French, Java, Python and C++.

Mohammad Atif Aleem

Mohammad Atif Aleem is a Chemical Engineering Graduate from the Aligarh Muslim University in India, who is currently engaged as an analyst in Information and communications technology at a multinational firm, along with managing his social startup initiatives. He has relevant experience in research, consultancy, information technology, business analysis, marketing, corporate social responsibility and cyber security. He has been associated with the Internet Society, Delhi Chapter in India and has also been involved in activities to advocate for the causes of Internet and propagate digitization in the underrepresented section of the society. He founded a startup called to tackle the challenges of food value chain and empower women farmers through Agri-tech.

Nicolas Fiumarelli Santana

Nicolas Fiumarelli is a Computer Analyst under-graduated from the University of the Republic of Uruguay, currently studying Computer Sciences at the same institution. He works as a Software and Networks Engineer at the Internet Address Registry for Latin America and the Caribbean (LACNIC) since 2012. Nicolas has participated in the development of systems such as RPKI and RDAP, which seek to improve the security and stability of networks and Internet routing. Today, Nicolas continues to actively participate in the deployment of IPv6 and RPKI in the region, He specialized himself on Routing and Security having 3 co-authored drafts in IETF on IPv6 security and Routing security.

Nidhi Singh

Nidhi Singh is a lawyer and an academic researcher who works as a Project Officer at the Centre for Communication Governance (CCG) at National Law University, Delhi. She’s a part of the Civil Liberties team which focuses upon aspects of privacy, data protection and surveillance. She graduated from the National University of Advanced Legal Studies, Kochi with a B.A.LLB and has an LLM in Public International Law from University College London.

Nidhi is a member of the ISOC Delhi Chapter. Her main topics of interest lie at the intersection of law and technology, with a specific focus on aspects of data governance, privacy and emerging technology.

Paola Gálvez

Paola Gálvez practices at the fascinating intersection of law and technology as a Public Policy and Legal attorney at Niubox with hopes of becoming an Internet leader to shape a better regulatory framework for the digital ecosystem and give something back to her community.

She began her career in the legal division of Microsoft where she realized the importance of bridging the gap between law and technology. Paola learned on her own the basics of IA, cloud computing, machine learning, blockchain and a bit of coding (she is kind of geek!). Paola is a 2019 South School on Internet Governance fellow, enthusiastic user of social media and she has a passion for improving diversity in the legal profession as well as in the tech industry. In that sense, she is a member of the Peruvian Vance Center Women in the Legal Profession Program (WIP Perú) and member of the Peruvian chapter of ISOC.

She has enjoyed speaking at several conferences such as APEC Forum Women and the Economy, Latinity, among others; she loves dancing salsa, her superpower is being empathetic and a positive thinker. Paola’s philosophy is always perform, transform and learn.

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