Call for Nominations to the PIR Board of Directors

Nominations for the PIR Board of Directors are now closed.

The Internet Society is now accepting nominations for the Board of Directors of the Public Interest Registry (PIR). PIR’s business is to manage the international registry of .org, .ngo, and .ong domain names, as well as associated Internationalized Domain Names (IDNs).

In 2019 there are three positions opening on the PIR Board. The three directors will serve a 3-year term that begins mid-year 2019 and expires mid-year 2022.

About Public Interest Registry

For more information about PIR, please see

Desired Qualities and Experience for Candidates

PIR is a non-profit domain name registry, set up under U.S. law. Prior Board experience is preferred. All directors must be able to read and understand a balance sheet, as well as read and communicate effectively in the English language.

General Qualities for PIR Board Service:

  1. Strong business acumen, an understanding of the Board’s oversight role, and experience relevant to overseeing an online business;
  2. Good understanding of the functioning of the Internet and the associated technologies;
  3. Demonstrated abilities as a long-term, strategic thinker;
  4. High ethical standards and integrity;
  5. Well-developed collaboration and consensus-building skills;
  6. Strong communication skills;
  7. Passion and energy for the role.

Specific Skills, Competencies, and Experience Sought:

  1. Strong financial acumen;
  2. Familiarity with U.S. Tax law under which PIR operates, especially as it pertains to the 501(c)3 status for non-profits (this is in no way intended to restrict candidates to those from the U.S.);
  3. Venture-oriented; Experience finding efficiencies and growth in stable markets;
  4. Good understanding of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs);
  5. Experience and careers outside of the traditional ICANN/TLD/Domain-business area, which could help provide more outside independent viewpoints for the PIR Board;
  6. Demonstrated experience with technological aspects of the Internet and more specifically the DNS;
  7. Technical experience outside of but relevant to the domain name industry, such as with email, web hosting, cloud services, or other broader online service delivery.

We expect all candidates to be able to fulfill the general qualities criteria, and to have outstanding strengths in at least one of the specific criteria. Gender balance, geographic, cultural, and other forms of diversity are also key considerations. In addition, we will explore any potential conflicts of interest that may exclude some nominees.

Time Commitment

The time commitment expected of Board members is significant, including approximately 15 full days per year for face-to-face meetings (not including travel time), regular conference calls (generally monthly), and daily email correspondence. Meetings will be held via teleconference, videoconference, and in person.

Board meetings typically include:

  1. Board Meetings: three to five per year, of one and a half days in length plus travel time. Typically, two of these will be held in the USA and the other two or three are generally co-located with ICANN meetings that occur around the world.
  2. Strategic Planning Retreat: one per year, generally three days plus travel time, and these can be anywhere in the world.
  3. PIR Advisory Council Meeting: one per year, generally three days plus travel time, and these can be anywhere in the world. Board participation in these meetings is optional.
  4. Conference calls: as needed, nominally monthly.
  5. Email correspondence: daily.

Because the board is intentionally small, it is important that nominees seriously consider their potential role as a director and the time commitment that this entails. In addition, some leadership roles and committees will require more time. For example, there are five elected officer positions: Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, and Assistant Secretary (currently filled by someone that is not a director), and there are numerous committees.

Reimbursement of Travel Costs

Reasonable travel costs, in accordance with PIR’s travel and expense policies, are reimbursable.

Compensation of Directors

Directors that participate in all meetings are eligible to accept compensation up to USD $12,000 per year, paid quarterly in arrears, as compensation for their services as a director. Compensation for Board service is not guaranteed and can be amended or abolished at any time, at the discretion of the PIR Board’s Compensation Committee. Directors may of course decline to receive compensation.

How to Nominate Yourself

Nominations are now closed. The deadline for application was 15:00 UTC on February 4, 2019.

How the Selection Process Works

The Internet Society Board of Trustees selects new PIR Directors from the pool of nominees. This is expected to occur by March 22, 2019, and all candidates will be contacted as appropriate once the selection process is complete.

In This Solicitation – Please Take Note

We are seeking nominations for the PIR Board, not the Internet Society Board. In addition, the PIR Board is dedicated to the successful and continued operation of PIR’s business, and is not a policy-based or missionbased organization in the manner of the Internet Society.