Internet Governance 27 September 2012

ISOC submission to the "Open Consultation Process on Overall Review of the Implementation of the WSIS Outcomes (WSIS+10)"


Open Consultation Process on Overall Review of the Implementation of the WSIS Outcomes (WSIS+10) (Phase 3)

1. Please provide objectives, goals and possible outcomes of the Overall Review of the Implementation of the WSIS Outcomes

The Internet Society (ISOC) would like to express its support to a certain number of proposals to focus the WSIS action lines Forum in 2014 on assessing and implementation of WSIS commitments.  In addition, it doesn’t seem useful at this point to organize a seperate Summit in 2014/2015 including a new Declaration and Plan of Action. 

The review should allow a concrete assessment and evaluation of the implementation of the WSIS Outcomes. The discussion could allow identifying best practices and tangible mechanisms to improve information of all stakeholders involved.

In addition, we recognize the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) as one of the most active and successful outcomes of the WSIS. We recommend examining better ways to integrate the IGF in the Implementation of the WSIS Outcomes. In a similar way, a natural evolution for the IGF could be to have a stronger linkage with the UN Commission on Science and Technology Development (CSTD), while maintaining the IGF’s multistakeholder dimension.

Finally, we recommend that the outcomes of the Review be a light resolution, allowing by its design for input from all stakeholders.

2. Please indicate what type of meeting(s) should be held within the framework of the Overall Review of the Implementation of the WSIS Outcomes

ISOC has had the privilege to contribute to all phases of the WSIS. We believe strong participation to the WSIS process is a condition to its success, and we have also supported participation of diverse groups of stakeholders through our “ISOC WSIS Ambassadorship” programme.

In order to enhance participation in the preparatory process, we would strongly suggest that meetings be done on-line (having regular conference calls, creating mailing lists on various action lines, etc) where possible. All meetings and whatever events should be multi-stakeholder and inclusive.

ISOC would also recommend that any physical preparatory meeting be held in Geneva. Over the years, we have found that Geneva is a practical location for building a fruitful and interactive WSIS dialogue. Geneva has been a convenient location capable of gathering an impressive number of organizations and individuals, and allowing Internet governance discussions to be truly multi-stakeholder. As the UN CSTD meetings, as well as the majority of the Internet Governance Forum’s consultation and advisory group meetings are held in Geneva, this location allows stakeholders to meet on a regular basis.

3. Please describe the type of preparatory process that might be proposed for the Overall Review of the Implementation of the WSIS Outcomes

ISOC recommends that the preparatory process be as inclusive and multi-stakeholder as possible. In the spirit of the Tunis Agenda, the “Internet technical and academic communities” should be fully recognized in the process.

In keeping with the multi-stakeholder essence of the WSIS, panels should gather participants from all sectors of the Internet ecosystem. The Internet technical and academic communities need to be formally included.

Given the importance of the WSIS outcomes and their implementation, we recommend that in 2014, the Review includes a discussion on how to improve the annual follow-up of the WSIS evaluation. 

4. Please provide a timeline for the Overall Review Process and all proposed meetings

ISOC suggests to couple all physical preparatory events and meetings with IGF preparatory meetings (Open Consultations and MAG meetings) in Geneva.

The overall review process could follow the following timeline:

  • Call for proposals launched in view of next May’s WSIS Forum: online consulation
  • Discussion at the physical meeting next May
  • Further refinement of the aganda etc,
  • Adoption of the agenda in May 2013
  • On-line final preparations of 2014 meeting. 

5. Please provide other comments, if any

From the perspective of a not-for-profit organisation such as ISOC, there can be no doubt that the innovations and openness that the WSIS brought to all the organisations and stakeholders involved has continued into the implementation phase.

ISOC welcomes the opportunity to be part of this effort, and looks forward to continuing to work with others to contribute. 

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