1 August 2012

Pierre Ouedraogo Remarks

IETF 84 – Vancouver, August 1st 2012

Dear Members of the community

I want to say thank you, thank you very much for the prestigious Jon Postel award.

It’s a great honour made to my country Burkina Faso, to all Africa and particularly to all the volunteers working hard in all African regional Internet organisations, that we name AFStars. And it’s a great honour made to my employer, Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF), that gave me the opportunity to help build African information society.

I’m very proud to be here with you, and to be honoured by our community; this community that makes dreams come true. We dreamed of an open Internet, we have done together many things to make it happen with open standards and improving accessibility to all world languages to the Internet.

Open standards are very important for African development, this means that it’s important for improving lives, poverty alleviation, bridging digital divide and building democratic open societies.

Open standards make it possible for more people to join, and as you know, least developed countries are sometimes late. This prestigious award that I received today will be very useful for keeping on with more actions and outreach, and I hope that all of you, as by the past, will help us and contribute to make a reality the Internet Society vision statement that is « internet is for everyone ».

One word in French…. A special message for the French speaking participants

Je salue tous les francophones ici présents et tous les absents qui travaillent au sein de la communauté. Au niveau de l’OIF, nous sommes fiers de vos actions et de vos contributions, et nous espérons pouvoir travailler avec vous dans les pays francophones en développement dans le cadre de la nouvelle stratégie de la Francophonie numérique 2020.

Merci à tous

Thank you all.

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