About Internet Society 30 July 2020

Internet Society Announces New Co-Chairs to Organization Member Advisory Council

Washington, DC – 30 July, 2020 –The Internet Society, a global nonprofit organization that promotes the development and use of an open, globally connected and secure Internet, today announced that Chris Hemmerlein, Public Policy Manager for Facebook, Harald Summa, CEO of DE-CIX, and Chris Wilson, Senior Public Policy Manager for Amazon, are the new co-chairs elected to the Organization Member Advisory Council (OMAC).

The OMAC serves as an advisory body to Internet Society President and Board of Trustees on matters affecting the welfare of the global Internet. It represents the Organization Members of the Internet Society which include corporations, non-profit, trade and professional organizations, foundations, educational institutions, government agencies and other international organizations.

Chris Hemmerlein brings a focus on Internet governance and policymaking from time spent as a government representative and in his current job at Facebook.  As CEO of the world’s leading Internet exchange operator, DE-CIX, Harald Summa brings over 25 years of experience in Internet development to his co-chair role. Chris Wilson leads Amazon’s overall Internet governance advocacy strategy and has worked in government affairs and public policy for over twenty years.

All three chairs are elected for a period of 24 months and will share the duties of convening meetings and communicating with members to ensure that the OMAC advises the Internet Society leadership on matters of strategic and operational importance.


Chris Hemmerlein, Public Policy Manager, Facebook:

“The Internet Society has a vital role to play and can build upon its existing connectivity initiatives and leverage the resources of its Organization Members in order to put the promise of the Internet into more hands worldwide.”

Harald Summa, CEO, DE-CIX:

“The Internet is technology for the good of mankind. It has to be available and useable for everyone anywhere. The Internet Society should be the promoter of this storyline globally.”

Chris Wilson, Senior Manager, Public Policy, Amazon:

“Without a doubt, the Internet Society’s most important priorities are connecting the unconnected and making sure those connections are safe, secure, and reliable for end users. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown how vitally important Internet connectivity is to one’s well-being and life. Now is the time for the organization to double-down on this important work.”

About the Internet Society

Founded in 1992 by Internet pioneers, the Internet Society (ISOC) is a global non-profit organization working to ensure the Internet remains a force for good for everyone. Through its community of members, special interest groups, and 130+ chapters around the world, the organization defends and promotes Internet policies, standards, and protocols that keep the Internet open, globally-connected, and secure. For more information, please visit: internetsociety.org.

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