Domain Name System (DNS) 24 April 2015

ISOC Board Decision on Organization Member Election Challenge

On Friday, April 17, 2015 the President of ISOC received a challenge to the candidacy of Alice Munyua, who had been selected by the ISOC Organization Members to be their selection as a Trustee, per the ISOC bylaws and election procedures. For reference, the ISOC election procedures can be found at:

The President notified the ISOC Board of Trustees that she had received the challenge at the regularly scheduled Board meeting on Monday, April 20, 2015. David Farber, also a candidate in the same organizational members election, recused himself from the meeting before the topic was discussed.

The Board met via teleconference in a special meeting on Friday April 24, 2015 for the sole purpose of reviewing the challenge. Dave Farber recused himself from the meeting and did not attend. The Board carefully reviewed the challenge and concluded as follows:

  •     The challenge was timely under the bylaws;
  •     the challenge made no claim of procedural irregularities in the election; and
  •     no other challenge to the election process was made.

Based on the above, the Trustees did not find cause to overturn the result of a valid election made by the organizational members. As such, the Board passed the following motion by unanimous role call vote of the Trustees in the meeting:

Resolution 2015-21: Reject the challenge to Alice Munyua’s candidacy to the ISOC Board of Trustees.
RESOLVED, that the Board rejects the challenge and authorizes the President to advise the challenge author and Alice Munyua of its decision.

Bob Hinden
Chair, ISOC Board of Trustees

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