About Internet Society 21 April 2015

Internet Society Board of Trustees 2015 Election Results Update

The Elections Committee is pleased to announce that no challenges were received for the 2015 Chapter elections for ISOC Board of Trustees during the challenge period which ended on 17th April. Accordingly, Walid Al-Saqaf has been elected to the board by the chapter delegates.

Separately, the Internet Architecture Board has selected, and the IETF confirmed, Gonzalo Camarillo and John Levine to serve as ISOC Trustees, following the process documented in RFC 3677.

A challenge has been received in the Organisational Member election. The ISOC Board is deliberating on the challenge and will issue its decision shortly.

The term of office for all of the new Trustees will be three years, commencing with ISOC’s Annual General Meeting in July 2015.

The Elections Committee congratulates the new Trustees. It also extends its thanks, once more, to all the candidates and to everyone who participated in the elections process.

Respectfully submitted,

Gihan Dias
Chairman, Elections Committee

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