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Internet Society Announces New Board of Trustees at Annual General Meeting in Auckland, New Zealand

[Auckland, New Zealand] – The Internet Society is pleased to announce that its Board of Trustees seated four new Board members at its Annual General Meeting, 7-8 July.

The Internet Society Board of Trustees are elected by the Internet Society’s Chapters and Organization Members, and appointed by the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). The following new Board members were elected to three-year terms:

  • Walid Al-Saqaf was elected by the Chapter delegates. He is a Yemeni software developer, Internet rights advocate and postdoctoral researcher in media studies at Stockholm University.
  • Gonzalo Camarillo, an IETF appointee, is the head of Data/IT standardization at Ericsson and chairs several IETF working groups.
  • John Levine, an IETF appointee, is President of CAUCE North America and an independent writer and consultant.
  • Alice Munyua, elected by Organizational Members, is founder of the Kenya ICT Action Network (KICTANet), and convened and chaired the Kenya and East Africa Internet Governance Forum for five years and the 2011 UN-Internet Governance Forum.

After seating the new Trustees, the Board re-elected Bob Hinden as its Chair. Mr. Hinden is a Check Point Fellow at Check Point Software, a co-inventor of IPv6, and a co-chair of the IPv6 working group (6MAN) at the IETF.

The Board of Trustees re-elected Scott Bradner as Secretary. Mr. Bradner, Senior Technical Consultant at Harvard University, has dedicated many years of outstanding service to the Internet Society, serving on the Board of Trustees from 1993-1999 and as Secretary since 2003. The Board also re-elected Kathy Brown as President of the Internet Society, and elected Sean Turner, co-founder of IECA, Inc., as Treasurer.

The Board of Trustees expressed appreciation to its four outgoing Board members:

  • Eric Burger, Research Professor of Computer Science and Director of the Security and Software Engineering Research Center at Georgetown University
  • Keith Davidson, International Director, InternetNZ
  • David Farber, Alfred Fitler Moore Professor Emeritus at the University of Pennsylvania and Adjunct Professor at Carnegie Mellon University
  • Rudi Vansnick, President of Internet Society Belgium

“We warmly welcome our four new Trustees and recognize our outgoing Board members for their tremendous contributions in guiding the organization and its important work to make a positive impact on the issues that are critical to the Internet’s future,” said Bob Hinden, Chair of the Board of Trustees.

The current members of the Internet Society Board of Trustees are:

  • Walid Al-Saqaf, Software developer and postdoctoral researcher at Stockholm University
  • Gonzalo Camarillo, Head of Data/IT standardization at Ericsson
  • Narelle Clark, Deputy CEO, Australian Communications Consumer Action Network
  • Gihan Dias, Professor, the University of Moratuwa
  • Hans Peter Dittler, CEO of BRAINTEC Netzwerk-Consulting
  • Hiroshi Esaki, Professor, the University of Tokyo
  • Bob Hinden, Check Point Fellow at Check Point Software
  • John Levine, President of CAUCE North America
  • Jason Livingood, Vice President of Internet Services, Comcast
  • Desiree Miloshevic, Senior Advisor, Public Policy and International Affairs, Afilias
  • Alice Munyua, Founder of the Kenya ICT Action Network
  • Sean Turner, Co-founder of IECA, Inc.
  • Kathy Brown, President and CEO of the Internet Society; serves as a non-voting Trustee

“The work of the Internet Society and its global community has never been more important,” said Kathy Brown, President and CEO of the Internet Society. “We value the deep experience and rich diversity of perspectives of our Board, and its unwavering commitment to ensuring the Internet remains free and open for future generations.”

Find more information, including biographical details of all Board members and details of the Board selection process.

About the Internet Society:

The Internet Society is the trusted independent source for Internet information and thought leadership around the world. It is also the organizational home for the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). With its principled vision, substantial technological foundation and its global presence the Internet Society promotes open dialogue on Internet policy, technology, and future development among users, companies, governments, and other organizations. Working with its members and Chapters around the world, the Internet Society enables the continued evolution and growth of the Internet for everyone.

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