Pre-2016 Press Releases 19 June 2012

2012 Internet Society Board of Trustees Election Results


Message from Jason Livingood, Chair of Internet Society Election Committee:

On behalf of the Internet Society’s Election Committee, I wish to extend our appreciation and thanks to all of the nominees and final candidates for the Board of Trustees. We are quite honoured to have such well-qualified people so interested in serving the Internet Society! The election results were certified on 24 May 2012 and the challenge period concluded 10 June 2012. The process ran smoothly and the Election Committee does not have any issues or concerns to report. The new Trustees will be seated at the Internet Society Board Meeting in Vancouver, Canada, on 4 August 2012.

In the Chapter membership election, we had three candidates:

1. Gihan Dias
2. Sala Tamanikaiwaimaro
3. Rudi Vansnick

55 out of the 86 Chapters voted, which is a vote participation rate of 63.95%. In the previous election, the vote participation was 79.49%.

Rudy Vansnick received the highest number of the votes and has been elected for a three-year term.

In the Organisation membership election, we had six candidates:

1. Keith Davidson
2. Marshall Eubanks
3. David Farber
4. Demi Getschko
5. Byron Holland
6. Bevil Wooding

52 of the 109 Organisation Members, or 47.71%, voted. They had the opportunity to vote for up to two candidates, with votes weighted by the class of membership. In the previous election the vote participation was 50.47%, on a group size of 107 organizations.

Keith Davidson and David Farber, receiving the largest weighted vote counts, have been elected for three-year terms.

Using the process documented in RFC 3677, the IAB has re-appointed Eric Burger as the IETF appointee to the ISOC Board.

We congratulate all of the new and returning trustees and look forward to working with them soon on the Board of Trustees. We also thank all nominees and final candidates for their participation, as well as ISOC staff for their support of this critical process.

Respectfully submitted,

Jason Livingood, Chair

Alain Aina and Theresa Swinehart, Election Committee Members

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