Domain Name System (DNS) 2 December 2011

ICANN agreement paves way for DNS transition

Reston, VA and Geneva, Switzerland – 29th September 2006 – ISOC welcomes the agreement announced today between the United States Department of Commerce (USDoC) and the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). The agreement ensures continued stability of the Internet by setting the foundation for an orderly transition of the Domain Name System (DNS) to the private sector. It also demonstrates clear support for ICANN and the role it plays in coordinating those activities related to the Internet’s system of unique identifiers.

The agreement moves beyond the milestone-driven “oversight” model to one in which ICANN has greater flexibility and the United States Government takes a more discrete role, echoing ISOC’s recommendations during the USDoC NTIA’s recent public hearing on the transition of the DNS.

“This is a constructive step in the direction of private sector management of the DNS,” said ISOC’s President and CEO Lynn St.Amour. “We believe this agreement contributes to the continued stability of the Internet while allowing for additional operational freedom for ICANN. The new agreement is also a positive indication that the US Government is truly supportive of moving the management of the DNS to a private sector model and we are very pleased to see this. And of course, we believe ICANN is ready for this next step.”

As its dramatic growth continues, the Internet will be faced by new and more complex challenges. The Internet Society is working to ensure that the Internet’s successful and unique self-regulation models continue to evolve in such a way that people everywhere can participate in its development as well as continue to benefit from open access to this “network of networks”. Today’s announcement supports this evolution by further legitimizing the processes that determine how the Internet works.

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Note to Editors

    ISOC’s statement at the NTIA’s public hearing on the transition of the DNS (PDF: 29KB)
    ISOC’s response to the NTIA’s Notice of Inquiry (PDF: 24KB)

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