Pre-2016 Press Releases 8 September 2011

Audiocast: Panel on the Seven Stages of IPv6 Adoption

IETF 74, San Francisco, California

11:45am – 12:45pm PT US, 24 March 2009

IPv6 is the next generation Internet Protocol (IP) standard intended to supplement, and eventually replace, the IPv4 protocol most Internet services use today. To help ensure the continued rapid growth of the Internet as a platform for innovation, IPv6 tackles some of IPv4’s shortcomings – most notably a limited amount of remaining addresses. While the technical foundations of IPv6 are well established, significant work remains to deploy and begin using IPv6 capabilities.

Because IPv6 is central to the continued growth and stability of the Internet, the Internet Society is working with its members and other organizations to promote its deployment by sharing information and helping to build the required operational capability among the Internet community. In conjunction with the 74th IETF Meeting the Internet Society organized a panel of experts from industry and other thought leaders on the topic to discuss the pressing need to adopt Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6) to ensure the continued growth of the Internet as a platform for innovation.


Leslie Daigle

Leslie Daigle is the Chief Internet Technology Officer for the Internet Society. She has been actively involved in shaping the Internet’s technical evolution for more than a dozen years. Her role with the Internet Society is to provide strategic leadership on important technical issues as they relate to ISOC’s ongoing programs. She has worked with the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) since 1995, and was an appointed member of the related Internet Architecture Board (IAB) from March 2000 to March 2008.

Jari Arkko

Jari Arkko is with Ericsson Research in Helsinki, Finland. His interests center around the Internet architecture and the related addressing, security, scalability, deployment, and mobility aspects. Since 2006 he has also been a member of the Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG), the steering group for the IETF. In this role he has been involved in the management of IETF efforts relating to IPv6, IPv4 address depletion, and the co-existence between IPv4 and IPv6.

Sebastian Bellagamba

Sebastian Bellagamba is the Regional Bureau Manager for Latin America for the Internet Society. Prior to joining ISOC, founded and ran several ISPs in Argentina, and managed regional Latin America operations. At that time, he was also President of the Argentine Internet Service Providers Association (CABASE). Sebastian has been a member of LACNIC’s Auditing Committee, Chairman of the Argentine Chapter of the Internet Society, Chairman of the Argentine Chapter of the IPv6 Task Force. He is currently a member of ICANN’s Address Supporting Organization Council, being the Chairman of this Council for the last two years.

Lorenzo Colitti

Lorenzo Collitti is a network specialist at Google. He has performed research on IPv6, Internet topology discovery, interdomain routing, and BGP anycast. He is currently working on Internet performance metrics and routing optimization. He obtained a master’s degree in electronic engineering at Roma Tre University and later a Ph.D in networking at the same institution with a thesis on Internet topology discovery using active probing.

Alain Durand

Alain Durand is Director of IPv6 Architecture & Internet Governance in the Office of the CTO for Comcast. Alain has been working on IPv6 since 1994. He has authored numerous RFCs and Internet Drafts and served as working group chair of the IETF Ngtrans and Softwires working groups, developing tools to facilitate the integration of IPv4 & IPv6 Alain is participating actively in the discussions with the various Regional Internet Registries related to the IPv4 completion.

Russ Housley

Russ Housley is currently serving as Chair of the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). He is co-author of Planning for PKI published by John Wiley & Sons. He was a key contributor to the Secure Data Network System (SDNS) protocol development group contributing to protocols for secure communications, certificate management, and keying material distribution.

Richard Jimmerson

Richard Jimmerson is Chief Information Officer of the American Registry for Internet Numbers (ARIN). Richard has ten years of experience managing global Internet number resources. He managed ARIN’s registration services operation and served as Director of Operations and then Director of External Relations before taking his current position to better concentrate on coordination issues that face the Regional Internet Registry system today.

Kurtis Lindqvist

Kurt Erik “Kurtis” Lindqvist, has a background in engineering and business development of ISP and world-wide carrier networks. Since 2002 he has been the CEO of Netnod Internet Exchange in Stockholm. Netnod operates the Internet Exchanges in Sweden, as well as on the of the 13 DNS root-servers, with a world-wide server deployment. Netnod also provides services to several top-level domain names, all over the world from its service platform. Kurt Erik has worked actively as a WG chair in RIPE and the IETF, has served as a member of the Internet Architecture Board since 2004, and as a board member of Euro-IX, the Internet Exchange business association since 2002 and since 2003 as the chairman. He has participated actively in development, standardization and deployment of IPv6 in the IETF and various operational forums.

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