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The Internet Society participated in the NETmundial+10 meeting, scheduled for 29—30 April 2024 in São Paulo, Brazil.

The meeting marked the tenth anniversary of the Global Multistakeholder Meeting on The Future of Internet Governance (NETmundial), a global event that happened in Brazil in 2014 to discuss the evolution of Internet Governance focused on two main axes: Crafting Internet Governance principles and proposing a roadmap for the further evolution of the Internet Governance ecosystem.

The objectives of the 2024 event include:

  • Reviewing and renewing the NETmundial principles on Internet governance
  • Debating the role of the multistakeholder approach in Internet governance discussions.

The event allowed the multistakeholder community to convene and discuss the opportunities and challenges posed by various ongoing Internet governance and digital policy processes.

Internet Society Role in NETmundial+10

The Internet Society was invited to integrate the Scoping Group and the High-Level Event Committee (HLEC). This event is an opportunity for the Internet community to discuss feasible ways to strengthen the multistakeholder approach and its practical implementation in Internet Governance and digital policy decision-making mechanisms and processes.