Special Edition InterCommunity 2020: Stories of Resilience

InterCommunity helps the Internet Society community connect, providing a space to discuss the most pressing issues facing the Internet.

Thank you for attending the Special Edition of InterCommunity: Stories of Resilience.

A big thank you to the panelists: Joseph Bishi of Murambinda Works, and Theorose Elikplim Dzineku of the Ghana Chapter. You can listen to their stories here.

During this ninety-minute conversation, Internet Society members shared how they had persevered, adapted, and accomplished amazing things – in spite of normal challenges and the extraordinary obstacles brought about by 2020.

As a special treat, we announced the Chapterthon winners. Learn more about the projects and congratulations to all chapters that participated in the challenge!

The event slides are available here.

Date and Time

13:00 – 14:30 UTC

Wednesday 16 December 2020