Chapterthon 2020

We want to shine a light on your creative, innovative, and impactful activities for the community, with the community, and by the community.


Through two rounds of voting, you made your voice heard, electing three Chapterthon winners. Congratulations to:

  1. Haiti Chapter that developed SmartMom 2020 program and trained local women and mothers in using mobile money.
  2. Panama Chapter that developed an incredible manual for digital inclusion through the use of Raspberry PI
  3. Yemen Chapter that reinforced digital awareness in schools and trained high-school students in continuing their education during emergencies.

A big thank you to our Chapters! Learn about the Chapterthon projects and download a project blueprint to help build a bigger and stronger Internet.

Chapterthon is an opportunity for Chapters to engage their members in a global Internet Society marathon. Members pitch their project ideas to their Chapter leadership. One project will be selected and submitted by the Chapter to participate in the Chapterthon. Chapterthon projects are carried out within a pre-established timeline and budget to achieve a common goal for the development of the Internet.

I Heart the Internet

As the year continues to be marked by disruption across the world, we’re dedicating Chapterthon to the people and the medium helping us through it.

We asked you to submit a “Do It Yourself” manual and tutorial for an activity that shows how your Chapter is helping to ensure the Internet continues to be a lifeline, enriching people’s lives during COVID-19 and beyond.

Your blueprint will become part of a community-driven “DIY” knowledge hub – a resource for peers and partners around the world to broaden the impact of your innovations and solutions.

How do I take part?

All Chapter members are encouraged to:

  1. Think about a project that fits under the topics noted above.
  2. Contact other Chapter members and form a team.
  3. Make sure the community you want to help is interested in joining you on the project.
  4. Consider local sponsorship opportunities.
  5. Send your project idea and an estimated budget to the Chapter Board.

The Chapter Board is responsible for the selection of the project that will represent the Chapter in the Chapterthon competition and for submitting the application. Only one project can be presented per Chapter.

How to Apply

  • Members are invited to pitch their Chapterthon project ideas to their local Chapter’s leadership team/board.
  • The Chapter leadership/board is then responsible for selecting and submitting the Chapterthon project that will represent the Chapter in the Chapterthon contest.
  • Only one project application can be submitted per Chapter.
  • Only applications submitted via MemberNova will be accepted.
  • Chapterthon projects must be submitted in English, French or Spanish.

Application Review Process

Applications are reviewed by Internet Society staff to determine whether the activities fit the programme eligibility and guidelines, in a manner that reflects the values and mission of the Internet Society. During this period, staff may reach out to applicants for additional information.

The Chapterthon Panel of Experts in conjunction with the Internet Society member community will select the best project.

Successful Applicants

Chapters and SIGs awarded grants from the Internet Society are required to sign a Grant Agreement to allow the disbursement of funding.

They must also:

Complete the Project: a blueprint (DIY manual and video tutorial) according to the programme timeline (table above).

Instructions on how to provide this information can be found on the Membership portal.

What will the winning chapters receive?

The Chapterthon Panel of Experts in conjunction with the Internet Society member community will select the best project. The three winning projects will receive an award.

The winners will be announced via mailing lists, social media, blogs and community calls.

All project videos will be uploaded to the Internet Society website and YouTube channel to build up an “I Heart the Internet Knowledge Hub” with tutorials and manuals that teaches how Internet Society Chapters and Members are helping to ensure the Internet continues to be a lifeline and enriching people’s lives during COVID-19 and beyond.

What Do We Mean by “Project”?

It’s a blueprint, or “DIY manual and tutorial,” for an innovative solution to help your community through COVID-19. Your project will feed into the “I Heart the Internet Knowledge Hub.” Please note: the project is the blueprint – not the implementation of the activity.

Eligibility and Requirements

To be eligible for 2020 Chapterthon funding, your I Heart the Internet project must fall under one of the following categories:

  • Providing connectivity and access to Internet services
  • Increasing awareness and digital skills for greater inclusion of the entire community
  • Enhancing trust in the Internet so people can connect securely and privately
  • Promote Internet services that offer opportunities for economic and social development
  • Innovate! Launching new initiatives to combat the impacts of COVID-19

Eligibility Requirements 

  • Chapterthon is strictly for Internet Society Chapters and SIGs. 
  • Internet Society Chapters in good standing (pre-rejuvenation on a case by case basis) are eligible to apply and must meet the minimum Chapter standards as outlined in the Chapter’s Charter Letter.
  • Applications from Chapters undergoing a rejuvenation process can not be considered.
  • To be eligible for this year’s funding, Chapters and SIGs must have submitted required funding reports from previous years.
  • To receive funding, Chapters must have an official bank account in the legal name of the Chapter.
  • Chapter/SIG members must work with their Chapter/SIG’s leadership to develop their projects.


Each successful project will receive funding up to 2,000 USD and participants will have 2 months to complete it.

More Information