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Latin America and the Caribbean Chapterthon 2016

Winner and Projects

After six months of planning and execution of different projects from six of our Chapters, the winner of LAC Chapterthon 2016 is Venezuela Chapter with ‘Empowering “Los Nevados” through ICTs usage for social benefit’ project.

Other LAC Chapterthon 2016 Projects:

  • Argentina: Connecting communities including people
  • Chile: Community Mesh-networking for Ukamau’s Social Movement
  • El Salvador: Debate on National Security vs. Privacy on the Internet
  • Nicaragua: Abisinia Internet Café
  • Mexico: How to bring the Internet to a Mayan community that doesn’t even have phone service? A project in collaboration with the Internet Society and World Possible: Agua Azul, Quintana Roo

What is Chapterthon?

Chapterthon is a marathon of chapters, where all LAC chapters can participate by developing a project under a same timeline and budget to achieve a common goal for the development of the region. Once the event is finalized, the best project receives a prize. For 2016 the common goal is connectivity (projects that promote economic and social development in a specific community).

The Chapterthon is conformed of 2 phases:

Phase 1: Community Involvement

The community received an invitation to participate in the creation of the logo of our event. The logos were posted in our page and our community voted for the best logo. The winning logo received $150. See details of the logo contest.

Phase 2: Project Development

The chapters developed their projects according to the premises described under this document. At the end of the project implementation, each chapter provided a video of their project, which was shared with the community and summited for voting. The winner received $3,000.

All projects should have been related to the topic selected for the Chapterthon. Chapters were free to select their projects and the team that developed the project. Chapters members could have sent proposals of projects to the chapter, but the final decision about the selection of the project was made by the board members.

What did the Winning Chapters Receive?

  • Each participant received a Certificate of participation
  • All the videos of the projects were uploaded into our web page. The best project received $3000 and the project was presented during our intercommunity 2016! Best project was selected by our community by online voting.
  • The $3000 was, directly, wired to the account provided by the winner chapter. ISOC did not pay transference fees or other charges related to the wire. The purpose of these funds was to support the operation of the chapter. The purpose of the $3000 was to support chapter operations during 2016  

Eligibility and Requirements

Chapterthon was open to all LAC chapters without any restriction.

Common Criteria

  • Project proposals had to be aligned with the Internet Society’s values and principles and should have addressed at least one of the Internet Society’s strategic objectives.
  • The Chapter had to be an Internet Society Chapter in good standing.
  • Chapters in formation were eligible (They should have had at least the bylaws)
  • Chapters needed to meet at least the minimum Chapter standards as outlined in the Chapter Charters.
  • The chapter must not have received funding for the same project from any other Internet Society programme. Existing projects could not participate in this contest.
  • The Chapter and/or project leader(s) had to agree to give the Internet Society credit as follows when making public statements about the project – “This project was made possible in part through a donation from the Internet Society” and include the official Internet Society logo with such statement;
  • The Chapter and/or project leader(s) had to agree to share the knowledge, experience and outcomes with the Internet Society community at large and had to indicate how it plans to do so.

Specific Requirements for Projects

  • Project proposals from Chapters had to be the result of teamwork. The role of each chapter member had to be clearly described in the application. “One man show” applications were not accepted;
  • Project proposals in which the Chapters had an active participation had to explain the role they played in the project. The participation of the Chapter had to be validated with a support letter;
  • Project proposals had to demonstrate the ability of the Chapter team to effectively manage a project and the different activities related to it; budget, timeline, outcomes, step-backs, monitoring, reporting etc;
  • The project proposal should have demonstrated collaboration with local entities; these ones were encouraged to contribute to the project with cash or in-kind support. To demonstrate this engagement it was recommended to get a support letter from the local partner(s);

Rules for Chapterthon 2016

  1. All projects should have been related to the topic selected for the Chapterthon. Chapters were free to select their projects and the team that developed the project. Chapters members could send proposals of projects to the chapter, but the final decision about the selection of the project was made by the board members.
  2. Chapters counted with a total of $2000 for developing the project, however, chapters could look for local sponsorship.
  3. Chapters should have applied for the $2000 via Beyond the Net under the same premises of the program. The proposal should have come from the team that developed the project.
  4. Chapters had 3 months to develop the project (May, June, July 2016). Deadlines were provided for this purpose. Projects that did not fulfil these deadlines could not participate in the contest.
  5. Chapters should have finished the project according to provided deadlines. Chapters could not ask for extension of deadlines.
  6. Chapters should have provided a 3 minutes video that included:
    a. The purpose of the project
    b. How this project benefited the selected community
    c. The benefited community
  7. Projects should have ensured sustainability for at least 3 years

As part of our first LAC Chapterthon 2016, we invited all of our LAC members to participate in the creation of our event logo! We were seeking for current LAC members who could design a creative, innovative and professional logo to promote our event. Please read below for more details regarding logo design, contest rules & submission requirements.

Who Can Participate

The contest was open to all LAC Chapter members without exclusion. Members could participate individually or in groups.

Logo Requirements

  • Professional: This logo might be featured on our website, our social media platforms and other mediums (stationary, pamphlets, t-shirts etc.). As a result, while we want the logo to be eye-catching, it still had to be legible.
  • Theme: Logo had to promote the topic of our event: Connectivity and teamwork! Logo should have included the words “Chapterthon 2016”
  • Color: There were no limitations and any colors might have been used. However, logo had to look good in color (if any) or black and white.
  • Integrity: Logos could not contain copyrighted material. Logos had to be created and edited by the contestant(s). Logos might not include images or licensed images that had been previously published. It had to be easily reproducible and scalable for large and small formatting.
  • Resolution: High resolution with 300 dpi or higher.

Selecting the Winner

The winner logo was selected by our community.

Intellectual Property

  1. All submitted work had to be original and not based on any pre-existing design.
  2. All Entries became the sole property of ISOC and might be displayed publicly on ISOC web sites.


Participation constituted the Entrant’s full and unconditional agreement to and acceptance of these Official Rules. By participating in the Contest, the Entrant was representing and warranting that he/she had read and understood, and agreed to be bound by, these rules.


Contest winner received $150 that was wired into a bank account. ISOC did not pay for transference fees or other fees related to the wire.

Any Questions?

Feel free to contact [email protected] if you have any doubts or questions about the activity.