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2024 Fellows

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Amged B. Shwehdy (Libya)

My name is Amged B. Shwehdy and I’m from Libya. Currently, I am working as a Digital Policy Advisor at Annir Initiative, where I am leading the digital public policy reforms in Libya. I have over seven years of specialized experience in digital transformation, and my career is defined by a deep-seated dedication to utilizing ICT to propel development, innovation, and governance forward.

I hold a Master’s degree in Public Sector Innovation and eGovernance from KU Leuven et al. and a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Tripoli.

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Aminata Dembele (Mali)

I am currently a Ph.D. researcher in electrical engineering, specializing in the field of cybersecurity with a focus on the application of artificial intelligence techniques to detect network intrusion attacks. I am based at The Pan African University Institute for Basic Sciences, Technology and Innovation (PAUSTI) in Nairobi, Kenya.

My work blends academic rigor with practical technical expertise, and I am passionate about promoting global cybersecurity resilience. Through my research, I have not only contributed to the academic community but have also developed practical solutions that can be applied to real-world cybersecurity challenges.

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Angie Leguizamón (Colombia)

I am a Systems Engineer from EAN University, currently working as the coordinator of the M&M Foundation. My role involves designing and implementing educational projects for vulnerable communities in my region. I focus on ending the cycle of poverty caused by the violence experienced in the 2000s. Additionally, I am responsible for directing and teaching STEM subjects.

I strongly believe that education can transform lives and that every child has the potential to become a leader, regardless of their background. I enjoy learning languages and have a particular interest in deepening my knowledge of Mandarin Chinese.

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Charity Ncube (Zimbabwe)

I’m an IT (Information Technology) Lecturer at Solusi University in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. I hold a Master of Commerce degree in Information Systems in addition to other academic qualifications and professional certifications. Some of the courses I teach include data communications and computer networks, IT governance, and systems analysis and design. My background is in Information Technology, and I love mentoring and helping my students to come up with innovative IT solutions that address problems in their communities and deliver business value to their organizations.

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Jung Seob Kim (USA)

As a Cyber Threat Intelligence Analyst at McKesson, my daily duties involve conducting in-depth research on cyber ransomware actors and nation-state actors. I aim to uncover and understand their tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs). Besides, I serve as the Vice President of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Dallas Citizens Academy Alumni Association. In this role, I am responsible for operational oversight, engaging our community through social media, and leading initiatives that promote outreach and safety awareness.

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Natálie Terčová (Czechia)

I am a researcher and a Ph.D. candidate at Masaryk University. My research is focused on exploring the digital skills of youth through an interdisciplinary approach to media psychology. In addition to academia, I am the founder of the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Czechia and Vice Facilitator on the Board of the Internet Society’s Youth Standing Group. I am passionate about bridging academia and policymaking and translating research findings into actionable policies.

When I am not traveling to conferences, I love spending time in nature or engaging in my hobby of skydiving.

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Noah Khan (Canada)

I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. degree at the University of Toronto in the Department of Social Justice Education. My area of research focuses on the relationship between humans and technology, and I analyze it from a philosophical perspective. I aim to develop theories that can help us better understand our interactions with our devices. Specifically, my research explores the personal and emotional aspects of these interactions, such as love, faith, and other feelings, to examine them as comprehensive relationships.

Outside of my research, I spend a great deal of time writing poetry, although I believe there are more connections between the two than is immediately apparent!

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Preeksha Malhotra (India)

I am a journalist and media researcher who specializes in the intersection of media, technology, and society. Currently, I work as a Program Officer for Strategic Communications and Partnerships at DataLEADS in India. In my role, I focus on various aspects of the digital ecosystem, including misinformation, upcoming technologies such as AI, and journalism. Through my work, I hope to find solutions to the concerns we face in our digital world and raise awareness on how to deal with misinformation better. As a researcher and journalist, I explore the world of misinformation and disinformation, and I aim to spread knowledge on how to tackle these issues.

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Rose Payne (United Kingdom)

I am a technology policy and advocacy professional with experience working for organizations committed to ensuring that the benefits of digital technology are accessible to all. These include the International Chamber of Commerce, GSMA, and the United Nations Capital Development Fund. In these roles, I’ve worked on digital inclusion programmes, written reports on responsible AI and AI for good, and run campaigns on the relationship between cybersecurity and economic development.

I hold an MSc in Social Sciences of the Internet from the Oxford Internet Institute at the University of Oxford.

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Roua Deeb (Lebanon)

As a seasoned fintech consultant and head of research, specializing in digital transformation projects and securities for international corporations, celebrities, and notable entities. In my most recent role, I have led initiatives for clients such as Emirates Airlines, Hyperloop TT, Coffee++ (a Montesanto Tavares Group spinoff), and DIFC Courts, among others. My expertise spans a range of emerging technologies, including blockchain, DLT, CBDCs, AI, quantum encryption, and fractional Intellectual Property (IP).

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Economics, a Master’s degree in Web Science and Digital Economy, and a Master’s degree in Engineering focused on Road Safety Management.

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Sarah Forland (USA)

I am a senior research associate working at the Open Technology Institute (OTI) in New America. My background in public diplomacy and international relations has sparked my interest in investigating how digital transformation, emerging technologies, and information spaces are affecting privacy, security, and democratic resilience. I firmly believe that by working together as a community, we can create a safer, more equitable, and just digital future for everyone.

I have a strong interest in pop culture, iced coffee, chunky rings, and em dashes. I am also interested in studying information integrity, analyzing rhetoric, and examining tech ethics.

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Sruthi Vanguri (India)

I am a researcher in the digital economy with academic training in economics, public policy, and political science. My research interests include technology policy, data feminism, and development economics. As a fan of the lyric from the Broadway musical Hamilton – “If you stand for nothing, Burr, what’ll you fall for?”, I am passionate about feminist research on the digital economy. This passion stems from my personal experiences of feeling unsafe and uncertain while navigating digital spaces as a woman.

During and after my fellowship, I aim to work towards creating equitable and safer digital futures for women and marginalized genders. Additionally, I will advocate for responsible handling of data and improved privacy frameworks.

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Timi Olagunju Esq. (Nigeria)

As the founder and executive director of Youths in Motion, I have led initiatives that have reached over 8,000 youths in policy advocacy and leadership development. These initiatives have been supported by partnerships including the United States Consulate. As a consultant at Speyside, I have impacted public policy in emerging markets. My passion lies in shaping digital policy and governance across Africa, with a focus on ensuring that it is inclusive and equitable. At the core of my work is the drive to make digital democracy and governance accessible to all.

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Victoria M Lengaram (Tanzania)

I am a social worker, researcher, and the founder of the Timiza Ndoto Initiative. My passion lies in empowering communities through STEM education, digital skills, and Internet access for a more sustainable future. I am also an enthusiastic advocate for human rights and digital rights. My current research involves using the Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI) to investigate Internet shutdowns in Tanzania. I believe that access to information is fundamental, and no community should be left in the dark.

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Wei-Ting Hung (Taiwan)

I am pursuing a master’s degree at the University of Tokyo, Japan. My background is in computer science and information engineering, but I have decided to switch to studying law and policy relating to the telecommunication and IT industry. Specifically, I am interested in regulation based on the principle of network neutrality. I believe that keeping the Internet open and accessible to everyone is crucial to ensuring that the technology benefits everyone in the end, even with broad bandwidth and low latency.