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2023 Fellows

Adeboro Odunlami headshot
Adeboro Odunlami (Nigeria)

I am a lawyer and technology policy analyst who wants better rights-respecting policies and practices in technology use and development. I like to think about the Internet from the users’ perspective because I believe they are its most vulnerable stakeholders.
I have worked on projects covering privacy, freedom of expression, identity management, business, and human rights, content moderation, and data protection. I currently offer my skills at Resilience Technologies, a social enterprise committed to building civil society organizations’ digital safety and resilience in the Global South.

Andrei Dodea headshot
Andrei-Mihail Dodea (Romania)

I’m a management Ph.D. student and a teaching assistant at West University of Timișoara in Timișoara, Romania.
I research and practice ecosystem development, and my studies revolve around the theme of “Success networks in start-up ecosystems.”
I’m also working on the Audacious Ecosystem Podcast, a project I’m looking forward to developing over this fellowship.

Angie Orejuela headshot
Angie Orejuela (United States of America)

I am a second-year graduate student at Seton Hall University’s School of Diplomacy and International Relations, specializing in foreign policy analysis and international economics and development. I am a research assistant at Digital Medusa, assisting with various projects. I am the deputy editor-in-chief of the Journal of Diplomacy, focusing my writing on how digital technologies affect global affairs.
As a first-generation Honduran American, I found passion in studying the intersections of digital governance and diplomacy in developing countries. As a fellow, I plan to use my passion and cultivated skills to assist in policy analysis, conduct advocacy work and make digital technologies available and safe for all.

Bismark Atta Frimpong headshot
Bismark Atta Frimpong (Ghana)

I work as a Senior Research Assistant at the Catholic University of Ghana. My employment primarily consists of assisting faculty members and students with their research projects and teaching web technologies, programming fundamentals, and other related courses.

I have worked in the banking industry for about nine years, serving as the IT Manager for Baduman Rural Bank in Ghana’s Sunyani municipality from June 2009 to August 2015 and Wamfie Rural Bank from September 2015 to September 2017. I am happy to add that the Ghanaian government automated all rural bank operations during my watch, with considerable assistance from the Association of Rural Banks Apex Bank (ARB Apex Bank) and the Millennium Development Authority (MiDA).

Catherine Easdon headshot
Catherine Easdon (United Kingdom)

I’m a software engineer and researcher passionate about security and privacy at all layers of the tech stack. In my current role at Dynatrace, I focus on privacy engineering, translating law and policy into code to protect our users.

I’m particularly fascinated by how cultural differences should inform our approach to digital privacy and technology policy.
In my hardware security research, I dive in at the lowest layers of the stack. In my work on CPU attacks and mitigations, I’ve investigated how physical properties or implementation details of hardware can lead to timing or power consumption differences that leak sensitive data from software–even from within the browser.

When I’m not coding, you’ll usually find me in the mountains, either knee-deep in snow or gazing in awe at the views!

Daphine Belleus headshot
Daphline Belléus (Haiti)

I am the director and marketing manager at RECYCLI, based in Pétion Ville.

I often participate in voluntary activities related to the Internet. I am a teacher, trainer, and coach.

I also have a degree in economics, training in financing sporting events, and Internet governance. I have been particularly interested in the fight for a better environment and access to a fair Internet for all, especially in my region.

I spend time in person or with virtual friends when I’m not focused on my projects. I also like doing sports or listening to music.

Diana Bichanga headshot
Diana Bichanga (Kenya)

I am a senior program associate at Internews, working on the Greater Internet Freedom project. We work through a consortium-based model to promote an open, interoperable, reliable, and secure Internet. My role involves supporting the technical advisor on digital rights activities’ implementation.

My background is in law, and I am keen on understanding technology and how it intersects with different societal settings and social justice. Outside work, I’m either traveling or online researching my next adventure.

Jordi Calvet Bademunt headshot
Jordi Calvet-Bademunt (Spain)

I am a policy analyst and lawyer with more than eight years of experience at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and leading law firms in Brussels, London, and Madrid.
I am completing a master’s in public administration at Harvard University, specializing in digital governance. I am also a research assistant at the Harvard Mossavar-Rahmani Center for Business and Government.

Nawal Omar headshot
Nawal Omar (Sudan)

I’m a researcher and information systems and data manager at Research ICT Africa, a digital policy think tank located in Cape Town. I collaborate on research projects aiming at high societal digital impact and policy actions. I work in policy development research and issues related to digital technologies, internet governance, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. Before this, I worked as a researcher and independent consultant for several organizations in Sudan.

Ngiruwonsanga Hussein headshot
Ngiruwonsanga Hussein (Rwanda)

I do IT support and consultancy at local organizations and companies. I draw on my experience in computer network installation, configuration, troubleshooting, and repair, as well as IT equipment maintenance and repair. 

I have a bachelor’s degree in information technology, and I’m pursuing a master’s degree in digital innovation and intrapreneurship at IU International University of Applied Sciences, Germany (remote learning).

Ryan Payne headshot
Ryan Payne (Canada)

I’m a researcher focusing on how adaptive technology (biometric identification, augmented reality, Metaverse, synthetic media, and augmented humans) can disrupt current health, finance, and retail systems. 
I am interested in this area as I run a venture capital firm and work in the fashion industry. My background is originally from Canada. However, through amazing opportunities, I have been blessed and privileged to live in the USA, UK, and currently Australia. 

Shivangi Malhotra headshot
Shivangi Malhotra (India)

I am a technology policy professional with an academic background in law. Presently, I engage with government, academia, and industry stakeholders to advocate for improved data protection and privacy practices across the spectrum.

I am interested in understanding the evolving impact of technologies on core ethics that we collectively value in our society, such as free speech and privacy. Beyond privacy and data protection, I am curious about AI ethics, content moderation issues, and cybercrimes.

Shruti Shreya headshot
Shruti Shreya (India)

I am a digital rights researcher conducting interdisciplinary research on various legal and policy issues, including platform regulation, online safety, privacy, and AI ethics. A gold medalist in law and business administration, I believe in the tools of multi-stakeholder collaboration and grassroots empowerment to advance a genuinely equitable and rights-based internet regime. 

Tomas Listovsky headshot
Tomas Listovsky (Argentina)

I am a digital marketing specialist focused on helping governments in their digital transformation journey and online communication strategy. I’m currently working at Google as an account manager serving public sector organizations in Argentina.
Before joining Google, I studied political science and worked in several NGOs and journalistic projects in communication and technology.

Yan Naung Myint headshot
Yan Naung Myint (Myanmar)

I am a digital rights activist who is passionate about the intersection of emerging technologies and society. I am a Myanmar program associate at ARTICLE 19, an international human rights organization focused on defending and promoting freedom of expression and freedom of information around the world.
I have worked on projects related to online hate speech and freedom of expression.