80/20 by 2020: What Next?

This session highlighted the key findings of the Internet Society’s report “Moving Toward an Interconnected Africa: The 80/20 Initiative”. The report, published in July 2021, provided useful insights on the growth of the Internet exchange point (IXP) ecosystem in Africa – focusing on specific countries.

The Africa peering and interconnection community set a goal in 2010 to locally exchange 80% of Internet traffic consumed in Africa, with only 20% routed from outside the continent.

However, not all IXPs have managed to reach the development stage, with 80% local traffic as initially planned. Our panelists in this session discussed about the current situation, the success stories and underlying challenges and the way forward to foster IXP growth and increase local traffic exchange on the continent.

Objectives of the Webinar
  • Understand the key challenges of IXP growth in Africa and why many countries have struggled to reach the 80/20 goal.
  • Define a new vision and set the milestones moving forward.
  • Identify the key players and policies that will foster local traffic growth in Africa.
Target Audience
  • IXPs, network operators, network engineers, policymakers
Date and Time

13:00 – 15:00 UTC

Tuesday 02 November 2021