Truist EPIC Grant Webinars

Conquering the digital divide calls for meaningful solutions, vision, and commitment.

In partnership with Truist, the Internet Society launched the Truist Expanding Potential in Communities (EPIC) Grant. The program is aimed at funding community-backed broadband – solutions that can help alleviate socioeconomic disparities exacerbated by lack of access.

To help potential applicants with the application process, we held two webinars, the first on 3 February from 15:00 – 16:30 EST and the second on 16 February from 14:00 – 15:30 EST (UTC-5).

These webinars began with a brief overview of what sorts of broadband projects are eligible for the Truist EPIC Grant and how to apply. There was then a question and answer session for participants.

Recordings of the webinars are available:

Anyone interested in applying to the EPIC grant or who knows potential applicants is invited to watch to learn more. 

Date and Time

Wednesday 03 February 2021 –

Tuesday 16 February 2021




Portrait photo  of Mark Buell

Mark Buell

Former Regional Vice President - North America

Mark Buell was Internet Society's Regional Vice President - North America, from 2016 to March 2022. Read more about Mark Buell