The Regulatory Framework for Accessibility in the European Union

Around 87 million people in the EU have some form of disability. Schools or workplaces, infrastructures, products, services and information are not all accessible to them.

This presentation by the Internet Society Accessibility Standing Group (ASG), marking the International Day of Persons with Disabilities 2022, gives you an overview about the conventions and directives enacted or in the offing in the EU, especially by the European Commission, in the field of ICT-Accessibility. Presenter Klaus Hoeckner, Managing Director of Access Austria, covered the main directives like the Web Accessibility Directive, but also others such as the EN 301 549 and the European Accessibility Act.

We explained:

  • What is the content?
  • What is the difference betwenn an EN and a HEN?
  • What is a Mandat of the EU?
  • What other regulatory items are in force within the EU?
  • What could be the possible overflow to regions/countries outside the EU?
  • Are their connections to Section 508 In the USA?
  • Which items/policy fields are covered?
Date and Time

12:00 – 13:00 UTC

Tuesday 06 December 2022