The Internet of Things: Risks and Rewards of a Connected Future

The Internet of Things, or IoT, refers to the growing network of connected “things” — devices, vehicles, household appliances — that are able to store, transmit, and exchange data.

As this new frontier of connected technology permeates every facet of how we live and work, IoT has the potential to drive social and economic progress in new ways. IoT development comes with a host of privacy and security risks that could wreak havoc on the social sector and reverse gains in public policy in the process.

Stay ahead of the IoT curve. Watch the recording of a live virtual discussion on the impact of IoT and what it means for the social sector.

Jointly hosted by Digital Impact and the Internet Society and moderated by Lucy Bernholz, Director of the Digital Civil Society Lab, the panel included:

The panel discussed the current state of IoT among nonprofits and highlight how IoT has sparked a new era of social impact. This conversation explored:

  • What is IoT, how does it work, and why should I care?
  • How is IoT combining wearable tech and social services to improve lives?
  • What do nonprofit professionals have to gain (and lose) in a world connected by the Internet of Things?

Panelists addressed these issues and more, including live questions from our virtual audience.

Watch the recording on Vimeo: The Internet of Things: Risks and Rewards of a Connected Future

Date and Time

17:00 UTC

Wednesday 11 July 2018